How To Drink From a Bag o' Brew

In case you missed the post from the other day, bags of brew are all the rage in China these days.  For seventy two US cents, you can knock back 5 beers in a Chris Daly disapproved receptacle.  Since I know you all were curious how the hell you drank from these, you’re supposed to impale your beer with a straw and share with friends.  Beyond the style points, the real benefit of this setup is that you have a place to put your vomit in afterwards.  Bag o’ Brew: where have you been all my life?

Anyways, since this isn’t a blog about China, you can follow all the oriental action on the other blog that I otherwise never have a reason to update and no one reads in general.

P.S. – When I get back to the Mission, I want to open a bar that only serves beer in plastic bags.  Good idea / bad idea?

12 Responses to “How To Drink From a Bag o' Brew”

  1. ooeygooey says:


  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    I’m just not seeing a Budweiser commercial maker going anywhere near this.

  3. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    So wrong. How are you supposed to taste it if you can’t smell it? This just opens things up to way too many practical jokes involving pee.

  4. Dahak says:

    Hah. Mexico has been doing this for ages. I remember being 8 (18years ago) with my bag of soda and straw and my dad his bag of beer.

  5. pixeltan says:

    This post is so gweilo.

  6. nothanks says:

    cheap beer + capri sun nostalgia = untapped hipster goldmine

  7. dickinburlingame says:

    i remember seeing this with soda in the Philippines as a kid in 72 and as an 18 year old back in 83/84. wish i could find a waffle-o here (a hot dog on a stick with cheese wrapped in a waffle, awesome…..)

  8. pat says:

    Canada is like america upside down, because their beer tastes great but their milk comes in bags.

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  10. guerrero grump says:

    Awesome way to spread SARS!

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