Halberstadt Fencers’ Club puts the Mission in the Olympics

Been watching the Olympics and looking to get in on the action?  Check out the Halberstadt Fencers’ Club on 17th and S. Van Ness, which besides having one of the raddest murals in the neighborhood also serves as the training grounds for local Olympian Alexander Massialas!  The next time your dumb jock friends try to tell you that everyone in the Mission sucks at sports, ask them if anyone from the Marina is in the Olympics.  Touche!



Belated Obligatory Olympic Torch Post

Yeah I was at AT&T Park when the torch was supposed to run by, and it was a bummer that it didn’t, but whatever. It was fun watching the chaos and playing frisbee on a cordoned-off street amid protesters and riot police. I took some video and put it together last night. It’s short and sweet, features a standout song from Back From The Grave Vol. 2, and a surprise ending.

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