Smell like a bro for $5

Are you really that different from a bro? I mean, you like athletics (biking is sporty!), drinking lots of beers, sports teams (everyone liked the Giants that one time last year!), and babes. Also your respective neighborhoods are both super-expensive to live in. Half way there already!

And now you can finally smell like one:

Complete the look for $5 at Big Lots on Mission and 29th.

‘Hipsters’ Finally Defined

Woah, I just realized that the most comprehensive definition of hipsters was achieved in this past week. First, Ben at Mission Loc@l:

Ben, I think you’re close. However, I think you’re leaving out some minority groups. Maybe add Asian folks who don’t wear Cal sweatshirts and we’re getting warmer.

Then this from MM reader Rod:

Bingo! Next, please.

Here’s a good one, what’s a “bro”? Lately, I’ve seen dudes who are clearly hippies being called “bros”. Are hippies also bros? I guess hippies might say the word “bro” on occasion. But I guess I do that too. Wait, am I a bro? I also can’t name a member of the Giants baseball team.

Bros vs. Buddhists: The Medjool Debate

Steven Seagal: Both bro and Buddhist

Laurie forwards a note from the Director of the San Francisco Buddhist Center, in order to provide us with “another side of the story.”  Read on:

Dear friends of the San Francisco Buddhist Center,
The SFBC wants to let you know about a situation that will potentially have a big effect on our ability to practice at the Center in the future (and for residents, to live in the building.)

Some of you are familiar with cafe Medjool which is just behind the Center, on Mission street. A couple of years ago they opened an unpermited outdoor rooftop bar. The reason I know this is because of the nights I spent feeling like my apartment was vibrating with sound, even with both sound windows shut, a pillow over my head, ear plugs in my ears. The blasting music and shouting from the bar also disrupted meditation classes. Over a couple of years the city was inundated with complaints from the neighborhood so the rooftop bar was shut down (the rest of the business is still happening) so things have been quiet again for several months. There is a Board of Appeals hearing this Wednesday that will determine if they can open the bar again.

Medjool has launched a “Save Medjool” campaign, claiming that the city has gone mad trying to revoke their permit for the outdoor bar (they never had one) and that neighbors and the SFBC are “whiners” since Medjool paid for the sound windows in the building (also not true.) (And their noise is far beyond the level of sound windows anyway).

“Save Medjool” signs have been cropping up in the Mission, as if it’s some kind of ‘power to the people’ thing. My guess is that people who like the bar do not know what the real issues are, that is is illegal and a hazard to the neighbors and the Center which by law has precedence because it is a religious community established here for 10 years before Medjool came into the scene. But the Save Medjool Facebook page has almost 1700 members! The page invites people to the hearing, with Save Medjool buttons to wear, and offers free transportation! So I think the meeting may be packed out with Medjool supporters.

If you want to help try to “Save the SFBC meditation hall” (from seeming like it’s in the middle of a rave or raucous cocktail party), PLEASE COME TO THE APPEALS HEARING WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18 AT 5PM.
Wear an SFBC t-shirt (or if you don’t have one, something light blue? Or whatever!)
City Hall, Room 416, One Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Suvanna Cullen
Director, San Francisco Buddhist Center

Fair enough.  Don’t forget to attend if interested, it sounds like the Buddhists may be outnumbered by the Medjoolites and could likely use the manpower.

Should we get some “Team Bro” and “Team Buddha” t-shirts printed up?

Pregaming the Symphony with Brolores Park

Brolores Park killed it this weekend:

Picture 4

“was a little worried about this lil angsted Kurt Cobainbro, until he brought out a 40. Knew that he would be fine, since a 40 is a bro’s best bro.” (link)

Picture 5

(see more at Brolores Park)