Hipsters Don't Deliver

Dolores Park, meet Erika.

(via generic)

11 Responses to “Hipsters Don't Deliver”

  1. generic says:

    Alas, tumblr deleted the post because “cock sucker” violated the “politics directory policy”. Which? Is lame. I apologize.

    BUT. GENTLEMEN OF THE MISSION: SHE HAS BREASTESES. And a formspring. Be ye not shy.

    That is all.

  2. The-F? says:

    erika- you make me sad to share a gender with you.

    • generic says:

      And yet, the submissive getting triple-teamed at Kink.com or Power Exchange wouldn’t provoke such a prude response from you, would they? You’d just chalk it up to the sexual inclusiveness of San Francisco. If you’re sufficiently liberal to as to not pass judgement on those fetishes, perhaps you can make room for its far more-common cousin, promiscuity.

      She has a type and she likes beejays. Who are you to spoil god’s gift to Valencia Street? Or is it the competition?

      • joshua says:

        pwned. i like your sass!

      • olu says:

        maybe it’s the fact that she’s “on team white cock”?

        or maybe it was the naked longing for male attention?

        mayhaps it’s self-loathing due to the f’ed up way we socialize our women in this country…

        it could just as easily be any of those other narratives besides the one you constructed for her.

      • generic says:

        @olu: I’m not sure I understand these points:

        1. A predilection for caucasians = socialization? (and here I thought it was my charm). Are all racial preferences socialized? How do you tell? My black girl fetish in ’04 never came in for such abuse.

        2. Self-loathing? Do you read self-loathing into all hyperbolic statements of promiscuity?

        3. What’s wrong with the naked longing for male attention? My longing for female attention is, well, naked.

        4. I constructed a narrative? If I tell her there might be some guys at Casanova who appreciate a halter top, have I constructed a narrative there, too? What if I tell her where to get good coffee?

        It’s not she’s literally going to walk around Dolo and offer fellatio. Honestly, I feel like I’m defending Violet Blue in SFgate comment section.

  3. Cruisin' for a Boozin' says:

    technically ‘cocksucker’ is one of the 7-dirty-words labeled by the FCC, so that could be why it got deleted.

    …. ‘team white cock?’ what the hell does that mean.

    • generic says:

      I think it means (and I’m just guessing here) a preference for Caucasian males and their accompanying genitalia.

      “Team Edward”, “Team “Coco” etc.

      No hunch as to whether a Hispanic albino would qualify. I’m guessing no.

  4. olu says:

    (why am i not outside drinking?)

    @generic, those were all separate possible scenarios for why someone might object to that posting.

    i personally don’t object i have no problem with it and was highly amused by the whole thing.

    i just saw plenty of reason why a person could possibly object.

    lets just say the good weather has gone to my head.