This Thing Is Up There

Then They Put That Up There
Shotspotter? DARPA/HAARP Equipment? Astound Internet Service? Alien Subtlety Scanner? Pigeon Traffic Control?

Spotted on the roof of the apartment building on the North West corner of 16th and Valencia.

7 Responses to “This Thing Is Up There”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    Its a camera to catch any would be idiot trying to scale a Sketchers sign to spread his artwork.

  2. brian w. says:

    perhaps a temporary AT&T repeater? AT&T sent out e-mails to SF customers saying they had improved service. i live at 17th & Valencia and it has improved slightly over the last couple months. the corner of 16th & Valencia is notoriously bad.

  3. whir says:

    I have a similar doohickey on my roof and it is some kind of free internet wifi service (from a private company – I forget who).

  4. Brian says:

    It’s a WiMax antenna, which is a wireless high-speed Internet service. There are a few providers in the bay area.