Pierogi Plea!

In our Introduce Yourself section this morning, we received a tender plea from reader P.P. (not pictured):

Just a Polish-Croat girl from Chicago living in the mish since 2006 wishing there was a decent pierogi joint in the hood. Pierogi cart anyone? Been reading this blog for awhile but finally decided we need to band together to get more pierogies damn it!

Link. We’re going to go ahead and overlook the fact that she pluralized an already plural word and join her cause. Who among us can make this girl’s pierogi dream (pictured) come true?

Photo by reg5057.

18 Responses to “Pierogi Plea!”

  1. Eon says:

    mmmmmmm, dim sum.

  2. Daniel says:

    There has to be some demand for Pierogi at the Polish Club on 22nd – near South Van Ness!

  3. olu says:

    there is an old lady who frequently goes into the Gold Cane selling some damn good pierogies. I know it’s not the mission but it’s something.

  4. darkthrone666 says:

    “The mish”?

  5. Moishe says:

    Somebody could make a killing selling pirogi, pastrami, and potato pancakes

  6. Alicia says:

    Dumplings of all kinds are more than welcome in my neighborhood. Mmm, doughy goodness.

    Or knish. I would kill for a hot knish on a cold morning.

  7. Lynae says:

    There’s a pierogi “factory” over in Potrero Hill.

    The Polish Club seems really awesome. My fiance and I talked about getting married there but our relatives are wimps and couldn’t handle the parking. The inside is really pretty and has weird framed photos of famous Poles, including a GIANT one of Pope John Paul II.

    • Mike says:

      I’m threw my birthday there this year. My friend dj’d on the stage and we had a hip hop dance party. It was rad.

  8. ambur says:

    How about a pierogi party? lots of hands make yummy food!

  9. snosberry says:

    so if you’re not going to point out that she already pluralized an already plural word, did pointing it out in a passive aggressive way make this post more auth? oh, also “pierogies” is an acceptable pluralization of pierogi.


    sorry bout it

  10. amber fox says:

    every year for Easter, my entire Polish-heritage family gets together, and we make perogi ALL DAY LONG. literally hundreds. drink, peel, mash, knead, roll, stuff, pinch (hey, this is my family we’re talking about, keep yer filthy comments to yerself!).

    So, the problem is, they’re all in Canada, far far far away from SF this coming Easter weekend.

    I’d love to join or start a perogi-making party. sign me up.

    • Stacy K. says:

      I’m down for a pierogi party, too! Holler at me.

      • Amy says:

        Moja kochana babcia (my beloved grandmother) is no longer with us, so a pierogi party is something I would like to be a part of. (Also, if anyone is up for making kopytka, I am totally game.)

  11. Joe C. from Chicopee (Mass.) says:

    I’m from Western Massachusetts, grew up in a town that was 30% French Canadian and 30% Polish (with Ukrainians too!). Heck yeah!! It is time to have some good Polish eats in SF. There was (is, maybe) Old Krakow is West Portal and some places in the Western Addition…but nothing like all this Mexican / Cali food craze. Add to the mix golumbki (stuffed cabbage rolls), paczki (big, stuffed donuts) for Fat Tuesday, pielmeni (Russian, but AMAZING ravioli with ground sirloin and spice – dough is more Asian than European), salats (think Middle Eastern salad), I could go on and on…. Anyone interested in a start-up? ;-)

    • Alex says:

      Dare I suggest Gastronom in the Sunset for all of these Eastern European delights? I know it’s technically a Russian “deli”, but please don’t go walking in and asking for a sandwich, they take it as a slight.

  12. Cade says:

    I’m game for a pierogi party…

  13. jeff says:

    please please please
    i’m getting sick of mrs t’s

  14. melanie says:

    Pierogies can now be found in the mission!!! Giordano Bros (16th and mission) has three varieties: cheese onin, swweet potato and serrano and jack cheese. yummy yummy in my tummy. check it out!