List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at West of Pecos drinking margaritas yesterday afternoon

I like West of Pecos for people watching and frozen margaritas (and variations on frozen margaritas). Every time I go there, I look out the window and see literally tons of notable people. Yesterday was no exception:

  • Doc and Mrs. Pop
  • Erika Kali
  • Mike Keegan (of the Roxie)
  • Ben and Mrs. Russo (of Cracked Machine)
  • Guy doing krav maga routines in front of Therapy for literally 1 whole hour
  • Lanky pale guy from Silicon Valley and the Office
  • Fake Stinky (not of Tuff Signals)
  • Jake Faska
  • Three separate people, many minutes apart, wearing the same Airbnb hoodie
  • Doc and Mrs. Pop again
  • The guy who wears gold lamé a lot and is BFFs with the dancing robot
  • Guy in a Cookie Monster outfit (or maybe it was a really fuzzy North Face fleece)
  • Two separate people, several minutes apart, in the same Jawbreaker shirt
  • Bartender from Dear Mom
  • Michael Connolly
  • Ben Ward
  • Bike messenger who looks like Michael Connolly
  • Tall guy who is friends with Andrew Sarkarati
  • Jake and Bethany (who met and got engaged at Amercian Tripps) and Baby Gray
  • Michael Connolly again
  • A little baby on a little baby scooter riding by yelling, “Manila, Manila, Manila!”

Did I say hi to any of them? Nope, I just sat there and made my list.

14 Responses to “List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at West of Pecos drinking margaritas yesterday afternoon”

  1. poof says:

    Surprised that a MissionMission author would drink at such a googly-gentrifier establishment

  2. Hipster Sandwich says:

    Michael Connolly straight or gay? Send him over to Moby Dick if gay.

  3. Chelsee says:

    It was me wasn’t it!

  4. us tall guys have to stick together!

  5. ckchew says:

    To be fair, there’s a lot of people who look like Michael Connolly in SF these days. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE!!!

  6. Mariko says:

    Baby wins.

  7. Michael Connolly says:

    Hipster sandwich – Lookout . Right meow

  8. Oyster Boy says:

    Clearly you know everyone. (who’s important?)