List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at Delarosa drinking cocktails this afternoon

Delarosa is cool because it’s like Beretta but with more light, more beers, more pasta, a deep fryer — and it’s open for lunch! And there’s sidewalk seating and great big open windows so even if you’re inside you feel like you’re outside. It’s in the Marina though, so I don’t recognize many of the people walking past. Here’s a complete list:

  • Matty from Rainbow Grocery (who’s really great at singing Favourite Shirts at karaoke)

That’s it! Only one person.

[View from the window of Delarosa, more or less, by Google Maps]

12 Responses to “List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at Delarosa drinking cocktails this afternoon”

  1. James O'Boston says:

    y u blur license plates? wuss.

  2. MissionBernal says:

    Clearly everyone was together someplace and you missed the invitation because you were sitting at Delarosa

  3. Glasshole says:

    Uptown Almanac is better now.

    • Old Mission Neighbor says:

      Though this blog is getting a little meh compared to how it was a few years ago, Uptown Almanac has just completely gone to shit. If I want one-sided anti-tech clickbait, I’ll go to Valleywag. They do it better.

      • poof says:


      • Troll says:

        At least they had the inside scoop on La Rondalla opening!

      • Free Techies says:

        Yeah! I too think that tech’s point of view is underrepresented. I wish there were a website or publishing platform, or media, or blogs, or twitter streams, or politicians that would stand up to Uppy Almy and Valleywag and fight for the right of young rich techie americans! Oh well. I’ll stay here and find out what it looks like outside of the next bar Allan decides to drink at!

  4. FRIV says:

    thank I see great