All the people I ran into at the Cloud Nothings show last night

Everybody and their mom was there!

  • Pat from Cocktails (the band)
  • Rain from Darn-It! (the denim repair shop)
  • Chad from Noise Pop (the music festival)
  • Ben from BFF (the radio station)
  • Tyler from Oskar Blues (the microbrewery)
  • Nicole from Phono del Sol (the outdoor concert at Potrero del Sol THIS WEEKEND)
  • Literally a thousand 19-year-olds

The show was pretty great, but as you can see from this ‘gram, most people had a pretty hard time getting a decent sightline on the drummer, which sucks because he is #thebest

Now let’s watch a great video:

(Full disclosure: I was Pat’s +1, so technically I didn’t really run into him.)

[Photo by b_wert]

4 Responses to “All the people I ran into at the Cloud Nothings show last night”

  1. Grizzled Mission says:

    A friend of mine once said about the drummer, “I think they have to keep him in a cage when he’s not performing.”

  2. Zoobilly Zoo says:

    Great to see that the guitar kid from School of Rock is now in a cool band. Way to go, Zack!

  3. kirksucks says:

    Based on the video posted here…When did it become cool to act like you’re not even interested in your own music? Also, the drummer was pretty unimpressive IMO. and… if the band cared (it seems like they’re set on not caring) they could set the drums up closer to the front of the stage. I (drummer) used to do it all the time.

  4. one says:

    Like the song and the vid….something was different. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it and then it struck me. The girl featured was not inked at all.