Mission Mission Gift Guide: Modern classic Muni shirts by Sexpigeon

Comfortable, affordable and sexy. Sexpigeon is our favorite in the world, and these shirts he made will never go out of style. And so many color schemes to choose from:

Peruse the whole “line” now.

34 Responses to “Mission Mission Gift Guide: Modern classic Muni shirts by Sexpigeon”

  1. Bo Sippa says:

    That photograph is in such bad taste and I’m not an advocate at all for political correctness. But what is the point of that picture? There is a terrible legacy of violence in the Mission that affects many families and the whole community at large. Maybe the people behind this company should think twice about using a fake gunshot victim for their clothing campaign. Does that make these shirts more “authentic” and “urban” while fulfilling your need for something sexy and affordable? All the hipsters want to be so retro and vintage, thats great, teleport yourselves back to the middle ages than you mark bitches and get the fuck out of the sco and back to Idaho or whatever shithole you came from.

    • Jacob says:

      woah there Bo Rage Sippa … aren’t you quite the vindicated advocate of censorship who doubles as the fashion FBI. Save yourself some years and quit stressing over artistic statements so much, thankfully we live in a society that allows it.

    • Yerf says:

      He’s wearing a 38 Geary shirt, so the image doesn’t represent the Mission. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like a shooting so much as a head-cracking. Hope this helps!

  2. Kyle Sullivan says:

    u mad bro?

  3. john mark says:

    hey BO! good call. that ad pic is kinda like those shirts, tacky, unoriginal and completely unnecessary. i am blown away by this companies desire to offend their supposed market. fail.

    • Yerf says:

      If the time you’re nostalgic for never existed, where MUNI made logos for each line, you have to invent it! Just add pot.

  4. new says:

    i thought this was “mission mission” not “shirts about neighborhoods IDGAF about”

  5. Heather says:

    I have one of the 22 Fillmore shirts. I think the designs are delightful!

  6. ONLOOKER says:

    But do they have a Euro neckline? That’s the problem with hipster Ts……the Smedium with the unitard neck. Use a Beefy-T AT THE BARE MINIMUM, shirt makers.

  7. ONLOOKER says:

    American Apparel is flimsy and un-American.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Concur. You might not know anything about tags, but you’re right on the money when it comes to T-shirts. American Apparel shirts are low-quality crap, unfortunately.

  8. TC says:

    The guy in the pic is the sexpigeon blogger. Please take your shirts and fuck off back to Berkeley, Lumpy. Shame on MissionMission for plugging these awesome shirts.

  9. TC says:

    Awesome Shirts

    • TC says:

      Dear people at MissionMission- If you don’t like my posts and want to censor them, do so, but do not alter them or substitute words because you don’t like what I have to say about your friends tshirts. When you alter peoples posts you lose all credibility as a place for people to voice opinions.

      • truth says:

        yeah, marketing marketing sucks now.

      • Allan Hough says:

        TC, nobody gives a shit about your opinion of some shirts our friend made. Our credibility will be fine, but thanks for voicing your shitty opinions (which we will continue to mock via editing so long as we feel we’re not altering anything substantive or meaningful).

  10. Jacob says:

    all these bus lines suck.

  11. Jane Doe says:

    33 stanyon / portero please!

  12. Joan says:

    Wow, y’all are all jerks for no reason at all.

  13. miss mission says:

    I wouldn’t buy that shirt. It would helpful if those shirts costs one dollar…

  14. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    They seriously need to do one for the late, lamented, 26 Valencia.

    • batman says:

      YUP ! out of all the buss lines to run ! i threw up a few times on the 26.. whenever i could catch it LOL

  15. 1cogmind says:

    ah there should be one to remmy the 26 Valencia.. and the 14 certainly deserves a shirt for those brave souls!