Drones will soon drop small drugstore items on your doorstep if you want

SFist tells us about the startup that’s making it happen:

QuiQui (as in “quickie,” not “let’s have a Kiki”) is apparently a real thing and not a clever parody of the Internet like the mythological tacocopter. QuiQui promises to deliver small drugstore items to the door of your Mission District (of course) apartment in 15 minutes or less for a mere $1 per delivery fee. Tellingly, the company’s FAQ section lists their closest competitors as Uber and Postmates, which are not exactly direct competition but they all fit the category of “on-demand luxuries.”

The system works like every other smartphone-summoned, on-demand service, but with an airdropped spin: You pull up the app, drop a pin and the order heads your way. To avoid rotor wash and terrorizing small dogs, the drones maintain a minimum altitude of 20 feet, and you’ll actually have to catch your new toothbrush as it falls from the sky.

Coming this July. Read on.

18 Responses to “Drones will soon drop small drugstore items on your doorstep if you want”

  1. Greg says:

    Call me when beer and pizza are involved.

  2. Pierre says:

    Classic Greg

  3. dvtdl? says:

    (reposting my comment from here http://uptownalmanac.com/2014/03/quiqui-testing-drone-delivery-drugs-mission#comment-39082)

    This is clearly a hoax of some sort. The founder, Joshua Ziering, refers to himself as a “Subversive Marketer” on his Twitter bio (https://twitter.com/joshuaziering). Also, from his LinkedIn: “Josh’s creative problem solving isn’t just limited to marketing and tech. He also enjoys ‘culture hacking’ those around him.”

  4. Baretta says:

    Remember Kosmo.com? Neither does thems. Born to lose – destined to fail.

    • OJ_Jurer says:

      Great you remember Kosmo, what about Urbanfetch?

      But you obviously forgot why they failed….because the economy went bye-bye.

      If you don’t think the new San Francisco is ripe for all that crap to come back in a big way for the long term, it’s because you work for someone else.

      • of course says:

        It’s almost like most tech workers weren’t here when the bottom fell out the last time.

        • OJ_Jurer says:

          Of course, @of course…they were in highschool!

          Most likely nerding out in some computer lab in *insert boring town in some landlocked state here*, playing Unreal Tournament instead of talking to girls.

        • Hello – it wasn’t that long ago that I first heard of drones. saw it in the movie but real life—it’s a no wonder seniors like myself feel time just moving forward at a speed we can’t cope with – wonder if the pot clubs can get in the action. I’ve lived here all my life, and this is the first time I can think of that the demographics are radically changing, fast. the new housing to accommodate, what 8,000 new people, parking for maybe 1/2? political agendas aside we are in for a ‘new ride’. we’d all better hang on.

        • OJ_Jurer says:

          And you didn’t catch I was just agreeing ;P

  5. lol says:

    Will this be fully automated? I wonder how they’ll manage power lines and phone lines, etc.

  6. anadromy says:

    Flying Angels of Vicodin.

  7. Jackson says:

    I wonder how it will manage the high pressure nozzle on my garden hose and my nerf vortex football.

  8. david says:

    These things are going to get sooooo fucked with. Catching a drone is going to become everyone’s favorite pastime.

    • troll says:

      Yeah, I mean, there’s no way they’d be able to install a camera onto it or a tracking device or anything…

      • of course says:

        Well, we’d have to assume it would have a 360 degree, top and bottom view of the world through cameras. If not, seems like it’d be simple enough for a kid with a bat to have a go at one as it positioned itself for a delivery.

  9. Glasshole says:

    Target practice