Whatcha gonna do?

K bye.

[via Natalie]

16 Responses to “Whatcha gonna do?”

  1. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya.

  2. MissionBernal says:

    Don’t forget your spray paint and stencils when you go! You can “beautify” Oakland with your “artistry”

  3. Oysterhead says:

    No thanks.

  4. ummmm says:

    So this blog’s only decent writer (Ariel) recently moved to Oakland, and Allan is “k byein’” him? Cool bro.

  5. tim k says:

    i live in SD but Oakland is pretty rad. Y’all sounds like you’ve been in the bay area too long. :-\

    • Baretta says:

      You are absolutely correct. Although blog comment-ers do not rep the Real people in a given local, we sure look like spoiled whiny kooks. Not rad people at all. Oakland has way better graffiti, too.

  6. woolie says:

    I live in Oakland. It’s not that bad.

  7. DJ_Trail_Mix says:

    Um, actually feel free to stay in SF, it’s waaaaay better. Really, work on a disruptive app or something?

  8. COMG says:

    Almost a year, here in 2-0-6;
    Nothing to fear, and it sure was the fix!

    And if that’s too ‘spensive fer ya, Portland’s even cheaper.

  9. so, does this make him a victim of gentrification, or a perpetrator?