Should we all move to Stockton?

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In the quite lively comments section of yesterday’s post about whether the Mission is still cool or not, former Mission resident and Mission-based business owner Jared Rusten posted the following thought:

you guys should come buy buildings with us in downtown Stockton (like Detroit, but smaller, safer, warmer… but with plenty of cool old historic spaces.) The mortgage on the 5000sf warehouse we just bought in Stockton (6 blocks from the waterfront) is under $1k/mo.

That is incredibly cheap. So I went back through Jared’s Instagram and grabbed a couple pics of the space. (The one up top is from several weeks back when they’d just started moving in; the next one is from more recently, after the skylights were put in.)

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Maybe we should all move to Stockton?

Here’s where it is in relation to San Francisco btw:

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[Map by Google Maps]

6 Responses to “Should we all move to Stockton?”

  1. sure why not says:

    Yes, you should all move to Stockton.

    (still in doubt? They have better Mexican food).

  2. Sam says:

    I mean you cant really compare Detroit to Stockton. One of the biggest art incubators in Brooklyn, a joint in Williamsburg which sort of helped pioneer that area being cool in the early aughts is ditching the area to move to Detroit. It’s indeed time to buy a house there while they’re still 20-60k for a nice house. Theres also a lot of very fun underground warehouse parties if you’ve never been or never experienced such a thing

  3. jared says:

    wow… thanks Allan! It’s going to take some time/work before Stockton is a hub of culture like Detroit, but it has some of the same things going for it, and it’s going to take the same kind of pioneers to make it happen. It’s a blank canvas of rad, old spaces. There are a few players in town who are trying to make it very easy for creatives/makers to own their buildings. Feel free to email me for details and I can make intro’s and invite you on the next tour we organize (early December). Jared: furniture at gmail .com

  4. emilie says:


    Racist tweekers
    Gang wars
    Sweltering Summers
    Pervasive Agri-toxic pollution
    Cowboy cops
    No jobs

  5. timbo says:

    Fuck it. I’m moving to Manteca.