Dirty Pigeon secret window

mission mission dirty pigeon window

Sneaking peeks into The Shop Barbershop from inside Dirty Pigeon Clothing, at the corner of Potrero and 24th. They have been around since 2013, but I finally made my way in to see their well-designed hoodies, shirts, starter jackets and hats with cool pigeons on them.  Mission Local did a brief interview with shop owner Ron Perez, which you can check out here for more info on/photos of the shop. Or just go and visit the shop for yourself.

3D City: Can He Kick It?

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

There’s been a growing pile of not-yet-scanned 35mm film piling up in the corner of my studio. As I finally began the lengthy process of scanning and editing, I was instantly taken back to the one good rainy weekend we had this season. Wandering in the rain with my Nimslo 3D camera, stepping over discarded umbrellas, hanging out by Yamo watching the can-kicking-dude nail a trick shot, and trying to capture the rare SF lightning storm. Good times.

More shots after the bump.