RIP Coco Frio, longtime neighborhood institution


(Not.) (And also, Pizza Joint & Grill and the Fizzary.)

UPDATE: Marisa says, “saw a sign up that said it was being turned into some kind of pinball hall/game room …”

UPDATE: Sorry, didn’t mean to be all flippant.

8 Responses to “RIP Coco Frio, longtime neighborhood institution”

  1. profanmarisa says:

    saw a sign up that said it was being turned into some kind of pinball hall/game room …

  2. one says:

    I know you think you’re being cute, but you’re actually an asshole for mocking the failure of this business. This is a hard-as-fuck block for a successful business. Two schools and an autoshop take up most of the desolate block. “Pizza Taint” I know it was shitty pizza, but it was there vs 5$ “artisan” pizza slices on 24th St, that’s closed too. The notorious Fizzary fizzled out cause I guess they were too undercapitlaized to remodel into a sodashop. There are only so many 5$ sodas ppl are willing to buy. And NO CHOCOLATE.

    People are deceived by this location’s proximity to 24th St, but underestimate people’s laziness to go out of their walk a long block for one “destination” restaurant.

    The owners put their dreams and no doubt a shit ton of money into this thing only to see it vaporize. It’s not something to laugh at.

    f u

    • Allan Hough says:

      Yeah you’re right. It was an appropriate joke when I did the same joke about Hapa Ramen because the amount of fanfare and reporting about that place made it seem almost like it was a longtime neighborhood institution. But in this case it was just mean. I really shouldn’t have said “not.”

      I guess what happened is I had a really bad time there when I went for dinner one time, but I didn’t blog about it because I hoped with time they’d get better, but instead of getting better they closed. So maybe subconsciously I harbored one last little bit of ill will toward them and let it out. Sorryz

  3. one says:

    re: Fizzary. I mean change into a soda fountain a la Mel’s.

  4. Ralph Wiggum says:

    Per Hoodline, it will be called Evil Eye and is supposed to open at the end of May.

  5. SaBr says:

    Actually, the Coco Frio saga is quite intruiging. Chef Manny and girlfriend/fiancee Tatiana (I think was the name) were running the Palace, with a degree of success. Took on no outside capital and opened Coco Frio.

    Then, in a matter of a couple months:
    1) Fire at The Palace. Restaurant closed.
    2) Former Fizzary guy spray paints warnings about his own building (gambling, drugs, etc)
    3) Chef Manny speaks out in press about the former Fizzary building, illegal acticity, how his employees are blowing their paychecks
    4) Coco Frio closes

    Or something like that. Just a really curious sequence of events.

  6. Gladys Donque says:

    Really liked the nice folks behind Coco Frio and The Palace, so it’s sad to see them close up shop. But god damn, eating here was like some kind of absurdest performance art dinner theater. Quirky doesn’t begin to capture it–the service and aesthetics were beamed in faintly from a soviet martian moon. Sad but true it takes a lot more than culinary talent to make a restaurant.