Shooting on 24th Street

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An anonymous tipster writes:

“Around 3pm a man was shot outside W-K Market [in front of an apartment building] near the corner of 24th and Folsom. The victim was able to get into a car and go to the hospital. Police showed up quickly, and solicited information about the shooter from bystanders. Citizens milling around the intersection could be heard saying things like, “What the fuck? It’s broad daylight.” and “Jesus, didn’t school just get out?”

Post updated to reflect correct location on June 11th

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24 Responses to “Shooting on 24th Street”

  1. lolo says:

    there’s no school, its summah time!

  2. missionneighbor says:

    The W-K looking crummy as always and attracting its usual clientele. That place is the worst

    • dvtdl? says:

      That is an old Google Street View photo. The clientele can be shady, but the brothers that run the place are super nice. Those guys work their asses off, and put up with a lot of shit.

      Don’t hate on the market.

      • missionneighbor says:

        Mostly the brothers are hard at work selling liquor to visibly inebrieted people at 7 am or earlier, not to mention throughout the day. Their clientele break 40ozers all over the corner and generally make a mess of the block. They are lousy neighbors and the corner would be far better off without them.

        • dvtdl? says:

          Would you say this store is particularly bad in that regard (serious question)? I live pretty close to there, and can not count the number of times I’ve had to step over passed out people on my stoop while heading to work.

          I just figure that while it is against the law to sell alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons, it is not the responsibility of the store to judge who will or will not be drinking on the street and soon taking a piss on my front door.

        • Haz Been says:

          …and this is different than liqueur stores selling Tecate’s and PBRs to “visibly inebriated” white people at 11am who gather in the thousands in Delores park and litter and “generally make a mess of the block?”

  3. sonic says:

    It was actually not in front of the corner store but in front of an apartment building on Folsom, 2 doors down from Philz. The police cordoned off the sidewalk in front of the apartment and questioned the residents, including me. 4 shots had been fired. Cops said the victim was shot in the bum but hadn’t spoken to him yet.

    • h0b0king says:

      So this is Philz clientele! Was this Sea Punk on Anarcho-Crustie violence?

      In all seriousness while I’ve seen sketchy characters all up and down 24th street for years. I can’t say any one corner store seems to be attracting a “bad element” these days and the whole area is going the way of Valencia St.

  4. Afraid of the dark says:

    Why do people always say “it’s broad daylight?” Bad shit happens at all times of day.

    • smokey says:

      Because people marvel that criminals (1) are dumb enough to do bad shit in broad daylight when they are most easily identified or (2) are brazen enough to do bad shit in broad daylight because nobody will do shit about it in this burg.

  5. Caffeinated Cabbie says:

    i just made a mess of myself eating a torta. just sayin.

  6. lurkskatesf. says:

    true gangsta ass niggas shoot in broad daylight.
    NEC 2012 NEC 2012 NEC 2012 NEC 2012 NEC 2012

  7. roller23rd says:

    dude, i was TOTALLY shooting in broad daylight last year. yawn…..

  8. cem1304 says:

    The mission still has gangstaz…dont get it twisted! Yo better untwist those

  9. dave says:

    I used to live at 150 Lucky and frequented the W-K. It was a distant second to R Image, but by no means was it the ‘worst’ corner store anywhere. The (now closed) store across the street much shadier. Those brothers were great. Are there any other liquor stores where you could regularly watch Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs? I moved to West Oakland in 2010 and I’m amazed how much shit has gone down in this neighborhood since. It was no paradise then, but it seemed like it was on the express line to gentrification station.