Man shot four times on Natoma

Last night a latino man was shot four times on Natoma Street at 15th. Apparently he is in critical condition now, but seemed awake and was moving when I watched them load him into the ambulance. From what I could see the shots were to his stomach.

Here’s hoping he recovers well. Thoughts go out to the friends and family.

Shooting on 24th Street

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An anonymous tipster writes:

“Around 3pm a man was shot outside W-K Market [in front of an apartment building] near the corner of 24th and Folsom. The victim was able to get into a car and go to the hospital. Police showed up quickly, and solicited information about the shooter from bystanders. Citizens milling around the intersection could be heard saying things like, “What the fuck? It’s broad daylight.” and “Jesus, didn’t school just get out?”

Post updated to reflect correct location on June 11th

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BREAKING: Many shots fired at El Tin Tan

Shooting at El Tin Tan

I heard something like 20+ shots fired at about 11:00pm. At least three people in the bar shot. Hoping for the best.

UPDATE: 5 victims at El Tin Tan.

UPDATE 2: Pancho Villa’s right door was shattered, but the doorman was unharmed. He was already sweeping up the glass. No deaths at the scene.

UPDATE 3: This is even more troubling when you consider earlier in the day the SF Examiner was reporting that the violence in The Mission had calmed down.

More pics by N. Von Joo after the jump.


A Shooting Tonight On Valencia

Valencia Shooting

On Valencia Street between 14th and 15th. The block is closed to traffic as of 8:15 pm tonight. Witnesses heard between 6 and 8 shots. Apparently the victim got up and ran down Rosa Parks Lane, or thereabouts. It sounded like stray shots may have also gone into the windows of nearby homes.

Now word comes from the police that a disturbance is developing on the next block in the Sunrise Hotel.

Please be careful out there.

Shooting on Mission Between Clarion and Sycamore

(photo by NVJ/The Secret Alley)
We heard the shots and then some of us saw an African American man with a mustache lying on the ground who had been shot in the head and in the chest. CPR was administered, but it was too late.

Mission Local has more.

Please be safe out there.

El Rincon Loses Their Music

After a bullet found its way into a cop’s foot this weekend. It’s unclear to what extent their suspension shuts them down. Differing reports.

More Mission Crime Over the Weekend

Holy shit!  Two headlines from SF Appeal today:

Mission Stabbing, Tenderloin Shooting Leave 2 Injured

Police Man Was Shot In Outer Mission During Attempted Carjacking

Oy.  Terrible.

Related: did everyone witness the overwhelming cop presence in Dolores Park this weekend?