Shooting on 24th Street

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An anonymous tipster writes:

“Around 3pm a man was shot outside W-K Market [in front of an apartment building] near the corner of 24th and Folsom. The victim was able to get into a car and go to the hospital. Police showed up quickly, and solicited information about the shooter from bystanders. Citizens milling around the intersection could be heard saying things like, “What the fuck? It’s broad daylight.” and “Jesus, didn’t school just get out?”

Post updated to reflect correct location on June 11th

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Mission Sunday Streets.IV – Bike Bands & French Tacos

Some shots from this Sunday.  (As usual, click to zoom.)

Watching the World Cup final in the Valencia Street garage of the Mission tricycle stereo guy — thanks! (Sorry, Orange.)

The Ferocious Few on Valencia:

The lead singer telekinetically tuning his guitar:

Another rockin’ band on 24th…

…so rocking, in fact, that their house was doing that Flight of the Conchords wiggle:

Hey, look, another bike band Fossil Fool!

And my personal favorite: French Tacos! The Croque Monsieur (Croque Señor?) was particularly l’awesome.

All and all, a good day (but we really need it to go until at least 4 or 5 PM).  We can do this once a month, no?

On the downside, there was a curious lack of food vendors.  And while I’m sure it’s a permitting nightmare, I’d like to see the city help our favorite food carts get in on this.

Take a Seat

Mission photographer ::novocainated:: recently sat down a bunch of random strangers above the 24th Street BART stop and took their portraits.

Were you one of them?

Also, apparently the guy above was merely off to a party and doesn’t wear a kilt all the time.  Too bad!

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New Beverage Set to Take the Mission by Storm

Poignant commentary or unfortunate misspelling?  If the latter, then this edges out our previous champion.  Get it while it’s fresh.

[available @  the 24th/Folsom market/check cashing/almost-landord]

Garfield Variation in the Toilet at Pop's Bar

garfield, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

A couple months ago or something we read the Vice feature on Garfield Variations, and then one night we saw this gem in the can at Pop’s Bar.