The first Sunday Streets parklet wedding!

You may know from ‘Deep from his alter ego Trikeasaurus, or his residential parklet occupied by a topiary triceratops. Well, here’s yet another notch on his resume of heartwarming neighborhood quirks: ‘Deep is getting hitched today at noon, during Sunday Streets, in his parklet! (And I hear they’re giving out cupcakes to passersby.)

For schedules and more information, check out Kim and ‘Deep’s wedding Tumblr. And did I mention that today is Sunday Streets?

Mission Boogaloo

Better late than never, an animated GIF of breakdancing/kung-fu fighting from Sunday Streets:

This guy was also doing that Russian kick-dancing thing (kazachok/prisyadka?) which was pretty awesome. Almost made up for the Dennis Richmond Band getting shut down by the cops thanks to the parents of the kids band playing by the library, or so the rumor goes.

Copy caper


No idea what these miscreants may have been up to or if an Office Space-style beatdown was about to take place, but here’s hoping they were taking this beast to the top of a staircase so they could kick it down to make it produce some rad fucked-up Cometbus-esque Xerox copies for their zine.

Final Sunday Streets of the season is happening right now!


Valencia Street is currently masquerading as a utopian state of bikes, children, bongo drums, and food trucks, and it’s your last chance to enjoy it until next season. Not to mention it’s 80+ degrees out right now, so come out and soak up what could very well be the last slice of our Indian summer!


Also, Mission Bicycle is giving out free bike check ups right now!

Sunday Streets Video

Are you sick of hearing about how awesome Sunday Streets was? I sure am, after being hungover and stuck in a car for a 2-hour drive to Salinas during the actual event. In any case, Postcards from SF posted a short video showing some highlights.

Mission yo-yo genius Doctor Popular is featured prominently, performing music on his iPhone (hope he’s holding it right) alongside cellist/songwriter Unwoman. There’s also a little girl exploiting her adorableness to shill lemonade. I’m going to guess it was made from concentrate, but can anyone confirm? Please give a full review if so.

Mission Sunday Streets.IV – Bike Bands & French Tacos

Some shots from this Sunday.  (As usual, click to zoom.)

Watching the World Cup final in the Valencia Street garage of the Mission tricycle stereo guy — thanks! (Sorry, Orange.)

The Ferocious Few on Valencia:

The lead singer telekinetically tuning his guitar:

Another rockin’ band on 24th…

…so rocking, in fact, that their house was doing that Flight of the Conchords wiggle:

Hey, look, another bike band Fossil Fool!

And my personal favorite: French Tacos! The Croque Monsieur (Croque Señor?) was particularly l’awesome.

All and all, a good day (but we really need it to go until at least 4 or 5 PM).  We can do this once a month, no?

On the downside, there was a curious lack of food vendors.  And while I’m sure it’s a permitting nightmare, I’d like to see the city help our favorite food carts get in on this.

Mission Sunday Streets Back Again This Sunday

Woah, didn’t this just happen less than a month ago? Well it looks like Sunday Streets in the Mission back for a second round this weekend. Not that anyone’s complaining.

Lots of cool free events will be scattered along the route including:

Circus Performance: Harrison Street at 20th (O’Connell H.S. lot)
Presented by Circus Bella

• 11:30-12:00 Parade down Harrison
• 12:00-1:00 Live circus performance

I caught Circus Bella last weekend at Yerba Buena and it was awesome. They set up their own circus ring and are accompanied with live music composed by local accordion hero Rob Reich. It’s going to be outdoors so you can bet that the trapeze will be hanging much higher than it was at their last performance at Amnesia.

Other than that, you can probably expect the usuals: purple robed guy on the tricycle with ginormo speakers, meligrosa snapping photos of her shoes, and a bunch of folks saying, “they should do this every week”.

More at Sunday Streets SF.

"Probably Stolen" Tandem Bike and Owner Reunited

A nice little story to brighten up this needlessly gloomy June morning!  After the call went out on Monday about a probably stolen tandem bike that was found abandoned after Sunday Streets by a kind stranger, sleuthy MM readers discovered a similar Craigslist ad and the real owner eventually came forward. 

Great work to everyone involved in uniting this happy couple and their trusty tandem bicycle!  We here at MM haven’t felt this useful since helping to reunite kidnapped Mr. Pickle with his delicious sandwich-purveying Mama Pickle.

Mr. Pickle Saga

BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Stolen!

BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Found!

BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Hostage Situation!

UPDATE: Mr. Pickle to be Voluntarily Returned?

Mr. Pickle Returned to Mama Pickle!


Found a Probably Stolen Tandem Bike 

Flat Rat Says Hi

I found myself mesmerized by the smushed rat my friend Heather pointed out in front of my house.  I think it’s the way he’s managed to say goodbye to the world with his one final act.  See you later, little guy.

At the risk of moving up several notches on the vegansaurus death list, more (close-up) photos of the poor little dude after the jump . . .


Sunday Streets, Mission Edition, June 20

Just posted: the route map for the (first of two) Mission Sunday Streets on June 20th. Biggest difference — this year, Harrison gets carless, and it runs to 3pm instead of 2pm.

Not yet on their web site, but some details on Facebook.

As a reminder, here’s 24th St last year:

Don’t forget to move your cars this time around, OK?