Found a Probably Stolen Tandem Bike

And MM reader Steve is not sure what to do with it!

Some drunken thief abandoned it at 22nd and Guerrero.  I called the cops and waited around for an hour but they failed to show.  I guess the standard procedure here would be to post a notice and have the owner describe its details?  What does one do with an abandoned stolen bike?

Come to think of it, we’re not quite sure what to do with it either, so the best thing to do is to see what the rest of you have to say about it!  So far, we only know what not to do.

[Photo (NOT OF THE BIKE IN QUESTION) by thousandfold]

5 Responses to “Found a Probably Stolen Tandem Bike”

  1. plumpy says:

    I bought a nice bike off a crackhead for $20 about a year ago. I thought this would be great and I’d find the owner on Craigslist and feel like a hero. I did not find the owner and now I have a bike sitting in my closet that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t really want to give it to Goodwill or something since it’s stolen property and might be repo’ed if the real owner ever finds it. Ugh. Maybe I should just put it outside and let some other crackhead take it?

  2. Masonsteele says:

    No shit! It could be mine.
    I had a brown columbia tandem stolen during sunday streets at 24th and bartlett. Has a large wald basket on the front, 26′ wheels, and a drum hub in the back. I would be pumped if you found my bike.
    I posted a missing add on CL:
    pic is without basket.


  3. sg says:

    owner and bike have been reunited. Thx MM.

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