This is what Sunday Streets in the Mission was like

[Thanks, Pearl!]

12 Responses to “This is what Sunday Streets in the Mission was like”

  1. JspiderSF says:

    Pretty awesome.

  2. The Problem with Larry says:

    Actually, as a pedestrian I found it unpleasant. Sunday Streets is really a cyclist event and pedestrians have to give way.

    So maybe we should just call it Sunday Cycling and be done with it.

    • rod says:

      there’s one at every party . . .

    • Allan Hough says:

      Damn, are you kidding? Maybe the Great Highway one or the Third Street one, but in the Mission? It’s impossible to bike through that throng of humanity. I had to lock up a block away.

      • The Problem with Larry says:

        Live in denial. Live with the consequences of delusional magical thinking. Its the SF way.

        But I was there, and it was unpleasant and a lot of people were talking about it.

        • Allan Hough says:

          Ha! What are the consequences of my thinking it was hella hard to bike down Valencia with tons of pedestrians all over it?

        • rod says:

          dude clearly wasn’t there on sunday, you couldn’t even push a bike through. seems to be trolling just for the sake of trolling . . .

    • Jules says:

      The problem I noticed with this Sunday Streets was that they didn’t block off Harrison this time. In the past, that was the road to enjoy cycling on because it wasn’t packed with pedestrians like 24th and Valencia. It would be nice if they’d figure that out and correct it by October when the next Mission Streets happens.

      • Travis says:

        They didn’t block Harrison because it’s not worth the expense to close a road that hardly anyone used during Sunday Streets last year. If you want to bike up and down a road Golden Gate Park is a nice place.

  3. Me says:

    I was there and this video makes it look way more interesting than it was.

    Where were all the food carts and insane street performers? Everything on 24th seemed to be closed, there was something on Valencia only every block of so. It was fun walking in the street until I realized that with all the f-ing bikes I was safer walking in the street with traffic.

    This was a letdown.

  4. SCUM says:

    I was there between 17th and 20th and got tired of people ringing their bells for me to get out of the way so they could ride their bikes through a crowd of people walking and kids playing.