Sunday Streets Video

Are you sick of hearing about how awesome Sunday Streets was? I sure am, after being hungover and stuck in a car for a 2-hour drive to Salinas during the actual event. In any case, Postcards from SF posted a short video showing some highlights.

Mission yo-yo genius Doctor Popular is featured prominently, performing music on his iPhone (hope he’s holding it right) alongside cellist/songwriter Unwoman. There’s also a little girl exploiting her adorableness to shill lemonade. I’m going to guess it was made from concentrate, but can anyone confirm? Please give a full review if so.

4 Responses to “Sunday Streets Video”

  1. That lemonade girl is adorable! “Location is everything, we were trying to sell in front of our house… we made one sale.”

    BTW, Unwoman and I will be doing a show live on Ustream this friday night with my friend Crashfaster. Unwoman will do her cello/electronic set at 7, then I’ll do my iPhone set 8, followed by Crashfaster making chiptunes.

  2. mcas says:

    SNO-CONES!?!?!?! Stupid World Cup… you made me miss Sno-Cones. Arrrgh!

  3. Ankhst says:

    Sometimes, briefly, I wish I lived in SF… but then I try to park and the feeling dissipates (though admittedly, I shouldn’t have a parking problem if I actually lived within the city limits). Still, the quality of local events makes me wish I spent more time there.

    Now I will endeavor to get my home internet re-setup in time for Friday night.

  4. Ankhst = one of the best parts of living in a great city (and often missed) is that you don’t need to spend so much time in a car, but rather can be out connecting with people. That is actually what Sunday Streets is all about!