How to make a succulent dino

If you’ve walked past Deep’s (AKA Trikasaurus) house on Valencia street, you’ve probably seen Trixie, the chloroplast-fortified triceratops guarding in his custom parklet.

Ever wonder how she came to be? No, not extracted DNA from prehistoric amber deposits. Apparently the idea was a no-brainer pitched by his architect:

…as the parklet project was really making progress, Jane proposed doing a “succulent sculpture” for it. And since she was so dead-on about the parklet, I immediately said sure! I thought “Ummm – a what?” Jane excitedly explained that our parklet needed an artistic focus & that it should be plant based. At that point, seeing her vision completely, I said “sure!” I said “Ummm – hmm” & started trying to figure out how to say “no” to something she was so enthused about.

Ummm, yeah. Read on at Deep’s blog for the full story.

4 Responses to “How to make a succulent dino”

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