BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Stolen!

Our new favorite sandwich blog, breadxbread, reports a picklenapping:

whoever stole mr. pickle, you sicken me. i hope when the police finally corner you and lock you away for the rest of your miserable life, that your every waking moment is haunted by the look of innocent joy on mr. pickle’s face. a look that you have stolen from all of us.


Photo by aodland.

Update: Alex wrote in just as we were hitting publish on this thing: “I think you will agree with me that this is the worst thing that has happened in the history of humanity. right now there are two signs up in the window of mr. pickle’s, one says ‘did you see who took mr. pickle?’ and the other reads ‘mama pickle wants her mr. pickle back’ which smashes my heart into a million unfixable pieces.” Thanks, Alex.


Who Stole Weezer?

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18 Responses to “BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Stolen!”

  1. johnny0 says:

    As much as I hate pickles, this is so wrong. Fucking with a character with a bandolier is a really good way to get both the Norteños and Sudeños after you. Or at least Poncho Villa.

    If any good has come out of this, it’s more exposure to breadxbread – check out the la cubana entry, fucking hysterical.

  2. This is terrible, but how could you NOT steal it? Just look at it! It’s a pickle with a moustache, bullets, and boots.

    And he’s reaching for the mayo!

  3. generic says:

    The laundromat across from this place has a final spin cycle that is so powerful … your clothes come out of the washing machine almost dry.

    Just another reason to go to Mr. Pickle.

  4. Harold says:

    Um, I could be wrong, but I think that’s Señor Pickle…

  5. Todd in Boston says:

    Dear 23 year old,

    College was fun, wasn’t it? Yeah, remember that time you did that thing with the mouse and the girls totally flipped out.

    After college is fun too.

    But what’s not fun is Mr. Pickle staring at you as you watch tv. Because, when you look at him, he is inviting you to eat a sandwich specially prepared on bread (when available) made by guys who are also watching tv. But in your shithole apartment that sandwich will never be made, and after a while you’ll just look at it and realize he’s just threatening to cover you in mayonnaise, which isn’t funny, because mayonnaise is only awesome when it’s on a sandwich.

    Not fun at all, huh. I know, this town is so “gay”. Totally. Well, stop hiding the fucking pickle buddy and put it where it belongs

  6. Steve says:

    The streets will run red with the blood of the Picklenappers. The thought of Mama Pickle, my absolute favorite local proprietor, without her Mr. Pickle makes me want to cry.

    Now where am I going to tie up my dog when I go in for a sandwich?

  7. Glenparker says:

    Just have Kat and Barry at Back to the Drawing Board make another.

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  9. christina says:

    isn’t stealing the highest form of flattery?

  10. alex says:

    @todd in boston
    I wanted to write out a nice long response to your trolling but honestly you are in boston (I sincerely hope that screenname is accurate and you aren’t living around here), and you put “gay” in quotation marks so you basically just humiliated yourself. maybe you can print out your comment out and your bros will give you a high five. nice one dude!

  11. Allan Hough says:

    Wait, what? I thought Todd was pretty on point.

  12. johnny0 says:

    Alex, did you run out of mayonese?

  13. johnny0 says:

    Check out the Mission Local update — the perps were sighted carting Señor Pickle away on a skateboard.

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  15. Alphonse says:

    Um, Alex. You are a flat-out moron. Have a look at Todd’s comment
    again. Then apologize.

    Is this the Mr. Pickle that’s a 50 store chain of sandwich shops? If so,
    they must have a few more pickleboys back at headquarters, no?

  16. vic says:

    I shudder to think of Mr. Pickle sitting in some backwards-cap wearing bro’s apartment, next to the kegerator and a John Belushi poster.

  17. elias says:

    mr pickles is a chain but this one is one of the originals and is not part of the franchise.

  18. elias says:

    Mr Pickles is not just a sign he represents a part of the me and the neighborhood. Viva Senor Pickles!!!!!!!!!

  19. Scott says:

    I put an All Points Bulletin out on my Facebook to all my San Francisco contingent. We will find him yet!

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  22. silly says:

    so sad :(

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