Mr. Pickle Returned to Mama Pickle!

Mr. Pickles Home Safely

Mr. Pickles moments after his return.

Mr. Pickle was just anonymously dropped off across front of Shotwell’s on 20th and Treat.  According to Mama Pickle, the thief called this afternoon claiming to have “felt bad” about taking Mr. Pickle and offered to return him in the night.  She reported that she believed it was a joke but still asked that “he drop him off before close so I could bring him inside.”  She stressed that if he was returned, she would not involve the police.  Soon after, she received another call that he was dropped off around the corner, where she found him in a box.

Mr. Pickles Box

Mama said that the thief even called again to verify that Mama and Mr. were reunited.

Mama started to take off the red bandana, an addition from the Pickle hostage taker, as I was leaving.  After some discussion, she agreed to leave it on him as a stylish-reminder of this part of Mr. Pickle’s history.

24 Responses to “Mr. Pickle Returned to Mama Pickle!”

  1. monster party says:

    to all of those involved (except the pickle-napper), good job. way to see people make difference.

  2. Ronny Lott says:



    Mr Pickles always blooded out. SOOWOO! SOOWOO! DADADO!

    Life and times of Senor Pepino. Volume 1:

    All you suckers, liars, court testifiers
    Wanna infiltrate and break my empire
    I spit lines, hit rhymes, keep dimes sweating
    Giving them the juice that they’re not gettin’
    A bonafide playa, now who got the flavour
    A non-stop, rhythm rock poetry sayer
    I’m the life saver, the Sco mayor
    Before you try me, you better say your prayers
    My word to the wise is “Do not cry,”
    I take what I find, put a beat to they rhyme
    Thought it was over but I crept from behind
    Wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind
    Almost 25 and running out of time
    Almost to the point when I wanna bust nines
    A lot of strange faces, I can only trust mine
    Soldiers in positions, all on the front line
    Don’t make a move till I give them the sign
    Known as the poetical, lyric miracle son
    I’m Public Enemy number one


  3. Plug1 says:

    great reportage here, seriously good stuff.

    i’d advise “Mama” to remove that bandanna, though – or some Sureño is gonna fill Mr. Pickle full of holes.

    • johnny0 says:

      A white bandana could be both safe and symbolic.

      Mama needs to sink a couple of bolt holes in the concrete with wingnuts to slow down any imitators.

  4. brittney says:

    Way to go, Mission Mission! It’s like 60 Minutes or some shit up in here.

  5. plumpy says:

    It sure is convenient of him to “feel bad” right around the time that people were closing in on the kidnapper’s identity!

  6. Thank god! I was starting to lose faith in my fellow Missionites.

    I figured the taking of Mr. Pickles was the reason that the new Haus Coffeeshop doesn’t have anything hanging on the walls.

  7. C.S. says:

    The thief should write a formal apology to the neighborhood and the owner.

    Mr. Pickles is a great local establishment with a wonderful staff. The thief should be ashamed of himself for putting the owners through this tough time.

    It’s not just a matter of a stolen pickle sign, it’s a sign of disrespect to Mama and to the Mission. The mission has enough to worry about to have a sign of unity stolen from them.

  8. ryanb says:

    This saga has made me hungry. I am going to eat me some m-fing mr. pickles sandwiches!

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  10. johnny0 says:

    Hey, Plug1 (or anyone), what does that tag on the inside of the box say?

  11. grafiksgirl says:

    so rad! great job to all to getting mr. pickle home safe and sound! i know for sure allan will be relieved… ;)

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  13. clever schemes says:

    I hope this whole episode was simply a brilliantly designed guerrilla marketing campaign. I know I’m suddenly eager to make a visit to Mr. Pickles.

  14. katrina says:

    Welcome home Mr. Pickle! My faith in humanity has been restored just a wee bit. And I am very impressed by all the computer sleuthing. First that poor girl’s beloved bike, now Mr. Pickle. You guys are like the Mission Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  15. daylurker says:

    we’re all so happy mister pickle.

  16. mark says:

    he looks happy to be home. there is an extra glimmer in his eye. and yeah, great job!

  17. stiiv says:

    I’m gonna give a shout out to the thief! Hey, you did something douchy, you felt bad, you fixed it. Good for you man! I think i’m gonna tear up right here.

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  19. Becca says:

    Mr. Pickle’s grandfather is apparently in Seattle. Perhaps he had gone to visit?:

  20. Steve says:

    So glad to hear that Mr. Pickle is home safe and sound. My wife and I just moved from 21st and SVN to Hawaii on Monday, and I have to say it felt a little wrong leaving with that unsolved mystery hanging over the ‘hood. Now, we can relax.

    Y’all take care of the place now, especially Mr. Pickles, Los Jarritos, the laundromat, and Wilson at the corner store at 21st and SVN. We’ll be back to check up.

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  22. Vans says:

    I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to take that red bandana off. Or switch to a gang neutral color.

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