Mission Sunday Streets.IV – Bike Bands & French Tacos

Some shots from this Sunday.  (As usual, click to zoom.)

Watching the World Cup final in the Valencia Street garage of the Mission tricycle stereo guy — thanks! (Sorry, Orange.)

The Ferocious Few on Valencia:

The lead singer telekinetically tuning his guitar:

Another rockin’ band on 24th…

…so rocking, in fact, that their house was doing that Flight of the Conchords wiggle:

Hey, look, another bike band Fossil Fool!

And my personal favorite: French Tacos! The Croque Monsieur (Croque Señor?) was particularly l’awesome.

All and all, a good day (but we really need it to go until at least 4 or 5 PM).  We can do this once a month, no?

On the downside, there was a curious lack of food vendors.  And while I’m sure it’s a permitting nightmare, I’d like to see the city help our favorite food carts get in on this.

16 Responses to “Mission Sunday Streets.IV – Bike Bands & French Tacos”

  1. meligrosa says:

    that animated gif is *super*

  2. someParent says:

    The co-op daycare we belong to had a bake sale along 24th St. A lot of you were kind and contributed. However, we were surprised at the number of times freeloaders just stopped by the table, grabbed some goods and continued on. They weren’t drunk or high on something which would explain their behaviour. Just normal looking men with a sense of entitlement and lack of morals I guess.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out y’all! And yeah – that GIF is fabulous!

    Also someParent – that sucks! Was it clear that things were for sale? I can only think that there tends to be a lot of free stuff at events like this & maybe they just presumed? Ugh….

    (.ps is this you N?)

    • someParent says:

      It could be they thought the stuff was free, but I think it was obvious it wasn’t. No, this isn’t N posting, but we’re in the same group.

      • Nadine Mellor says:

        Hi Deep
        Yes it was our stall! We were amazed that people would just wander up and take food, admittedly we didn’t have any prices marked up…

  4. My favorite was the blues guitarist and art projected out from the second floor apartment. And the bicycle powered rapper….pics?

  5. Gigi says:

    Sheesh……$6.00 for tacos?!?
    Those better be some “hella good ass tacos”.

  6. rajah says:

    I’d say the tacos were actually worth $6, and I am quick to scorn overpriced tacos. Wish I saw Fossil Fool’s band {the bike rapper} those guys are fun. And Mandeep the Bicycle soundsystem dude rocked it 100% as usual. I would have cooked more food than just the Carolina boiled peanuts I had out in front of La Victoria, but I was over swamped with work that day. I sold Chilaquiles a few weeks ago for Sunday Streets in the Mission.