Therese enumerates some things dudes yell at her when she rides past on her bike:

- “nice tits” (personal favorite)

- “ride safe, mama.”

- “hey, you! on the bike! yooo-hoo!”

- “i see you getting your exercise, little mama. i see you GETTIN IT. i see you GETTIN IT.”

Entirely pleasant, right? Wrong? Anybody got anything worse?

Photo by Meli.

10 Responses to “I See You GETTIN IT”

  1. “OOOOHHH GURL! That seat be LUCKY!”

  2. maureenh says:

    tangential, but my favorite cat call of all time is one my boyfriend got in Noe Valley while dog walking 2 dachshunds.

    “Cute dogs. Can I fuck them?”

  3. FEB says:

    Hardcore Parkour ?

  4. dgilbe says:

    “Damn gurl! Wanna go halves on a bastard?”

  5. Kiley from my site wrote about the shit she hears in Brooklyn while riding her bike:


  6. Lili St Cynical says:

    “hey girl, can I ride on your handlebars?”

  7. chalkman says:

    “Hey Baby, if you lived with me, you’d be home by now!”