Cutting Kombucha Costs

Hey dudes!  I purchased a bottle of Kombucha at the 23rd and Guerrero Market last week for $2.75 – the cheapest I’ve seen in the Mission so far.

Question: has anyone found the ‘buch cheaper?  Holler in the comments section; lowest bid gets a free cheap-ass Kombucha.

kombucha[And don't be a dick and tell me to make my own at home, I have neither the time nor the fermentation know-how.]

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  1. Dunno about price, but it’s on tap at Duboce Park Cafe, FWIW.

  2. Wade M says:

    Whilst trying to get discounts. I bought food @ $x for $y. Does any one know where I can get $x cheaper in the mission? That counts right?

    Last post I’ll see of yours Kat, don’t worry about my hating on you ;) .

  3. Sean says:

    Rainbow Grocery has them for that much or slightly less. Def between the 2 and 3 dollar mark.

  4. Sean says:

    I dream of buying in bulk on Rainbow coupon day…

  5. potrero black tar says:

    It’s tough being a yuppie, huh?

  6. Walter says:

    SFBC discout at rainbow makes them cheaper… 10% off…

  7. plug1 says:

    what is this, hippy juice? ive never had it.

  8. O'Really says:

    What kind of latest-thing trend-swill is that? More important is whether anyone knows of 24oz Bud cans under $1.60 out the door? I mean, really. Stay true to what made the working class great.

  9. Mike Bruton says:

    Teaching someone how to fish for themselves is ‘being a dick’;

    Food for thought…

  10. yippie says:

    R Image Market, 25th and Folsom $1.99

  11. Sheabones says:

    People are still buying this? Making your own kombucha is even easier than making fun of Mission hipsters!

    • Mike says:

      …maybe the problem is that one leaves you with a sense of satisfaction, the other with a sense of superiority?

      OK, now I feel like I’m sounding snarky – there’s something about this internet message board thing that brings out the best in people – some of my first (and funniest) online recollections are from BBS flame wars in the early 80′s…

      I have to admit, it was fun to watch arguments get reduced to the Hitler card (there was even a name for that) and then summarily dismissed…

      …and I guess I can understand the desire to just shell out cash for a product and be done with it.

      (fly-by of smiling unicorn with a daisy in her mouth)

      - Mike

  12. JustsayinYo says:

    Maybe the first thing to do is recognize that the branded pictured isn’t the only one available. In fact, although it is made in California, it’s made in SoCal, so it’s shipped. You can buy Lev’s Original — it’s made on Treasure Island — at the health food store or the juice bar, with custom juice mixs, at 21st and Mission. No idea the prices. I fergit.

    Make it yourself or at least buy local, asswipes.

  13. one says:

    unbelievable that anyone spends 3 – 4 dollars on this shit. truly.

  14. Edward says:

    With a little time and fermentation know-how you could make your own Kombucha at home.

    Just a thought.

    Brewing is great fun–like a pet you can drink.

  15. brian w. says:

    need fermentation know-how? brew beer. it’s great fun.

    on that note, kombucha fermentation is closely related to lambic fermentation. the only difficulty is doing it right with the right critters, but there are probably enough yupsters brewing it in the mission that you could bogart a SCOBY or two.

    apologies if that came across as educational.

  16. Sheabones says:

    1.) Make a lot of black tea in a big clean jar

    2.) Dump one cup of raw sugar in with it

    3.) When it cools to room temp drop a SCOBY in it

    4.) Add 1 cup of kombucha to activate it

    5.) cover jar with a clean t-shirt & rubberband

    6.) Stash it in the dark (I use a cooler) for a week

    7.) Drink! SO EASY (and if you use Trader Joe’s mango black tea it tastes better than any GT ‘boocha)

    PS-Hollar if you need a SCOBY, they’re taking over my fridge!

  17. katrina says:

    I know this advice was preemptively rejected, but for the silent few who enjoy learning how to make new food and drinks without an excessive amount of skill:

    If you can handle brewing tea, adding sugar, and pouring it into a large glass jar containing the kombucha culture, then you can make your own kombucha. In terms of difficulty, I’d say it’s more like making lemonade or preparing your own morning coffee rather than making your own Gatorade, Pepsi, or even beer at home.

    The hardest part is just getting hold of a kombucha “baby” (culture) but if you have the time and know-how to use Craigslist or talk to people at health food stores (i.e. Rainbow), this too is not so daunting.

    E-Z brewing instructions here:

    I used to think kombucha was disgusting, mainly because of the goop trails, but my roommate makes it and I’ve been humbly converted. It saved my life at a time when coffee and whiskey were not enough…

  18. k haas says:

    i too have an excess of slimy mushroom discs that look like a mix of a jellyfish meets a liver fresh from a cadaver. and i would be happy to share. i wouldn’t say making your own kombucha culture is as easy as making lemonade…my hippie juice always tasted too vinegary and this discouraged my beverage production. now i only opt for GT brand, (from rainbow on 20% off days). meanwhile the boocha cultures keep growing. evidently, some of my coworkers and friends have had success with the cultures i gave ‘em so don’t be afraid of the living cultures. i’d say it takes more effort than making fun of hipsters.

  19. Rana says:

    if you love kombucha, try House Kombucha! we sell if for $14 per half gallon (64 oz.) (the glass growlers are $5, so the first jug is a total of $19, but refills are always $14)

    okay, so its still comparable in price to GT’s. but House tastes better and its made in SF. hit me up on twitter if you’re interested!


  20. Rosanna says:

    You don’t even have to start with a SCOBY, if you’re shy about asking around for one.

    For a fun science project, I grew a huge, productive SCOBY from just the slimy little strands in the bottom of a bottle of GT’s kombucha.

    But I agree; it’s really important that that special store-bought bottle be the cheapest one in the Mission.

  21. Scodie says:

    $2.69…24th and Bartlett

  22. I get GTs here in Colorado for $1.99

    At Vitamin Cottage but usually not Whole Foods…

    Sometimes they have them for 2.50…

    I think Vitamin Cottage has a deal with GT last time I heard!

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