Hell Freezes Over: A Banner Ad Actually Tells Me Something Useful


I was just taking a peak at SFoodie for shits n’ giggles when I saw this: a fucking banner advertisement telling me that the 16th St. Pork Store is open until 3a.m. I don’t know what is more impressive: that we have another late-night dining option in the Mission now* or that I actually looked at a banner ad.

Pork Store PROTIP: Don’t get the tofu scramble.  That shit is so foul that you won’t need 13 shots of tequila in your stomach to puke all over their bathroom floor.  That said, their biscuits and veggie gravy is the jam.

* well, since August, according to this Yelp review.

3 Responses to “Hell Freezes Over: A Banner Ad Actually Tells Me Something Useful”

  1. Eric says:

    Someone needs to install Adblock…

  2. Shawna says:

    Something needs to be said for the vegetarian sausage as well. Completely off the hook, so worth the 8 bucks.

  3. Ariel. says:

    The fun thing about this is getting cut off at 2, but being able to stick around and whine about it for another hour.