Shooting on Mission Between Clarion and Sycamore

(photo by NVJ/The Secret Alley)
We heard the shots and then some of us saw an African American man with a mustache lying on the ground who had been shot in the head and in the chest. CPR was administered, but it was too late.

Mission Local has more.

Please be safe out there.

5 Responses to “Shooting on Mission Between Clarion and Sycamore”

  1. jwz says:

    Which nightclub will Chiu blame this on?

  2. MrEricSir says:

    That’s scary, I’ve been to that liquor store on many occasions.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Yeah, I go there a few times a week. Whether or not the media dubs this shooting “gang related”, we all need to be careful out there. Do our best to keep the peace.

  3. hunh says:

    From the Appeal: “Andraychak said it’s too soon to know if the shooting was gang related.”

    What do you think? Whether or not it was gang related, any one of us could be struck by flying bullets. I’m feelin’ like staying out of the Mission for a while.

  4. cliff notes says:

    Here’s a pro tip.. If someone has been shot in the head, and chest… You really don’t have to administer CPR.