A Shooting Tonight On Valencia

Valencia Shooting

On Valencia Street between 14th and 15th. The block is closed to traffic as of 8:15 pm tonight. Witnesses heard between 6 and 8 shots. Apparently the victim got up and ran down Rosa Parks Lane, or thereabouts. It sounded like stray shots may have also gone into the windows of nearby homes.

Now word comes from the police that a disturbance is developing on the next block in the Sunrise Hotel.

Please be careful out there.

17 Responses to “A Shooting Tonight On Valencia”

  1. Christine says:

    oh no, not outside four barrel!

  2. bozo says:

    What’s the most apropiate attire to use tomorrow at 4Barrel?
    Oh my, what a big trouble!
    How I gonna impress someone after this news?

  3. genuinely upset says:

    It reallly sucks. If the victim ran down Rosa Parks, maybe s/he wasn’t hurt too badly?

  4. jd says:

    Is it just me or has there been a lot more shootings and violence in SF recently? And if so, what the hell …. why?

    • f1peeps says:

      it’s warm out. happens in the summer too.

    • Andy says:

      There is always more to the story than the public ever finds out. When you’re talking about gang violence, for example, there’s an entire back story involving vendettas and retaliatory violence.

      I remember hearing that back in 07′ the Hell’s Angels and some other biker gang were putting hits out on one another using mexican gangs, who then started fighting amongst one another; a total mess as you can imagine.

    • Randy Fleming says:

      Why?..It’s what every SF hipster wants , needs , desires..Diversity!! Enjoy and celebrate it…

      • Kyle Madison says:

        Are you trying to make the point that Mexican’s are violent? Because that were true this city, and every other in CA, would be burnt to the ground by now. Grow the fuck up.

  5. sheabones says:

    Had the local kooks not closed down High Bridge Arms, this would obviously be the perfect time to “buy local.”

  6. Zouaf says:

    1. I want a gun.
    2. I want someone to tell me this doesn’t happen to nice people.

    • Darkley says:

      1. You don’t need a gun. Idiots buy guns
      2. I doesn’t. It happens to idiots who shoot other idiots. Getting shot by someone you are not in a specific business or domestic disagreement with almost NEVER happens, even in the worst neighborhoods.

  7. Well, now I know what THAT does.

    How about this?