Bike lock stress test reveals that your bike is never safe

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As everyone who has had a bike stolen knows, there’s really no way to make a bicycle 100% secure – you’re basically balancing an equation where the amount that you spend weighing down your bike with locks only increases the difficulty of the heist. (And according to bicycle law, all bikes should weigh 50 pounds.)

Gizmodo put 4 standard locks through the paces to see just how hard it is to steal a bike secured with a u-lock. Although a few of them fended off a beating from bolt cutters and a hacksaw, not a single one could stand up to a 5-second assault with a $40 angle grinder. Check out the video here – how does your lock fare?

Photo by dpwk

20 Responses to “Bike lock stress test reveals that your bike is never safe”

  1. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Conclusion: use 4 locks, none locked to another. The weight will make you stronger in the end.

  2. Dan says:

    I just got my bike stolen outside of Phone Booth on Monday. I had an Onguard Bulldog ulock and 2 guys used a bolt cutter to break it. It was a white Centurion frame with a rear Spinergy wheel with white tires. I think the moral of this story is to assume your bike will get stolen and get insurance on it.

    • Mike Chino says:

      I’ve had a saddle and a wheel stolen while at the Phone Booth – there’s no windows so thieves can pretty much have their way with your bike.

      The best lock spot is right outside the door on the lamp post!

      • h0b0king says:

        Agreed there – but you have to snag the chilly table by the door and it’s hard to get one’s less bike oriented friends to understand.

        • Jules says:

          The better solution would be to not go to Phone Booth. The bartenders are pissy fuckers who roll their eyes if you ask for something more complicated than a PBR.

          • Jack Walker says:

            Really? My experience has always been different. They make Manhattans and old fashioneds and my date a hot toddy without blinking an eye

          • Dude says:

            I love that bar. Everyone there is really really nice. There is one lady who is a bit gruff, but when you get to know her she’s nice too. Caroline is just a doll. Favorite place to watch sports, and the owner is hilarious. They have a great community of regulars too. Man, now I wanna go to the phone booth!!

    • Bill says:

      I am pretty sure this specific lock has insurance on it, meaning if its defeated/cut they will pay you.
      This one has a Bike Protection Offer: $ 1501

  3. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Hey guys — get one of those guides to traveling in your state with a DOG, and then apply all of those rules to dining and drinking. You’ll be golden! If you can keep your eye (or ear) on a dog, then you can keep your eye on a bike.

  4. blah says:

    This is why my bike, which I use pretty much every day, is a piece of shit mountain bike. The thieves can have it they want it. They don’t want it.

  5. Not aTransplantsiscan says:

    oh man that’s my locking system set up… no wonder I constantly worry about my bike regardless, after all I’ve gotten two bikes stolen so far, like when the thiefs figure out how to open U-locks with a pen…

  6. P.D.Bird says:

    Fuck locks. Put a bird on it. Works for us,but really,we all need to keep a eye out for each other and start some valet bike services in mission. If laconda can have valet,why not for bikes?

  7. Steve says:

    This lock seems promising, made out of titanium. But it costs $165 minimum. Cheaper than a new bike, though.

  8. sx says:

    Me, I lock up my bike with a poisonous snake and two snapping turtles.

  9. Greg says:

    I let the air out of both tires at every place I stop.

  10. Chalkman says:

    Cant you still just bust all u-locks with a carjack?

  11. Danfinger says:

    I’ve never had a bike stolen

    Only 12 pounds!

  12. SlavEpoch says:

    Take a look at these guys, $200 for a lock that will hold up to the stress test. Can be bought in SF too: