New camera themed mural coming from Sirron Norris

It’s old news that Mission businesses would rather pay a muralist to put up an original piece, or in this case branded content, than have to keep buffing tags every morning. It also happens to seem like a good idea to me. As a customer of both Calumet (CF cards and grip rentals) and Sirron Norris (t-shirts) I’m pretty into this design.

(click the image to see it full size)

Norris explains on his blog:

I’m happy to announce a new project I will be starting July 16th 2012. This mural will be located at 2001 Bryant and 18th street in the Mission district.

This mural will be funded by Calumet and will be a collaboration with Precita Eyes and the 3.9 art collective.

My hope with this project, is to reach out to other artists and arts organizations in my community through collaboration. I also want to inspire my interns and give them one of the biggest challenges in their artistic life. On a personal note: this will be one for the books and will push my talent and experience to it’s fullest. I know the team I have at the gallery and the invaluable experience Precita eyes has, will help accomplish this massive undertaking. Keep posted for updates as we move closer to starting.

This is a pretty dense piece, but that’s pretty much what he does best. Norris’s characters are well done, but not really my style, but his building textures are my favorite.

For those of you who feel like the neighborhood gets oversaturated by the same artists (Norris, Reyes, Schoultz, etc.), yeah, that does tend to happen, but in time other things take their place. And I like that Norris is really committed to involving other inspiring street artists, who he probably hopes will one day put their own stamp on their hood.

Update: Our buddy Doc reminded us that today is National Camera Day! I must be operating on some kind of useless ESP! Awesome! Go take a picture of something! But seriously, cameras are rad.

10 Responses to “New camera themed mural coming from Sirron Norris”

  1. Greg says:

    Good stuff

  2. Also, it’s national camera day. Just saying.

  3. Champagne says:

    Hasselblad 203fe – my new favorite companion.

  4. Barbara Graber says:

    Nice looking piece of artwork, appreciate the camera theme, love cameras, especially my mamiya/sekor 1000 DTL. Make a photo today!

  5. En-Chu Lao says:

    Maybe he can paint “happy faces” on the people who work in Calumet. That crew needs to lay off the vinegar shots.

  6. friend says:


  7. gross says:

    i cant wait for that mural to get destroyed

  8. As a previous employee of Calumet WOOHOO this is exciting! I know Calumet has been wanting to do a mural FOREVER. Yeahhhyooo!