The Sirron Norris Gallery

Maximum Auto Body
We’ve all seen the blue bears. Then I saw Troy’s pictures and a great interview on Mission Local and I had to check out Sirron Norris’s new gallery for myself. It’s a pretty cool setup. He’s got all kinds of work, paintings, toys, stickers, shirts, even a video game.

My favorite was the lineup of the neighborhood buildings, done on wood blocks, a couple of inches tall.

Clooney's CU

The gallery is at 1406 B Valencia Street, near 25th. Check out the stuff, talk to the guy himself and sign up yourself or a teenager in your life for one of the cartoon classes.

Big Mouth Burgers

Although their styles are very different, just like Will Eisner’s city stories, he has an amazing way of bringing out the city’s character.

2 Responses to “The Sirron Norris Gallery”

  1. Inquell says:

    Went in there the other day and got a shirt and a pretty sick Voltron inspired sticker built out of Victorian houses. Real nice guy and well maintained shop. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. Washington says:

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