Fire on Capp Street Between 22nd and 23rd

fire, mission district, san francisco, December 29th fire

Our friend Chris Wright just sent us photos of a morning fire currently blazing on Capp Street between 22nd and 23rd. The fire department is on the scene – hope everyone is ok!

fire, mission district, san francisco, December 29th fire

fire, mission district, san francisco, December 29th fire

All photos by Chris Wright

16 Responses to “Fire on Capp Street Between 22nd and 23rd”

  1. Ginny says:

    I think the fire is actually on 23rd by the post office. I initially thought it was on Capp, too.

  2. Jorge says:

    That explains the sirens I heard this morning on S Van Ness and 26th.

    • Steve-Z says:


    • scum says:

      Did you check to make sure your next door neighbors got out? Did you or the other guy filming this grab hoses and try to slow the spread of the fire? Did you just stand there and film it while it got closer to your house? Om my god it’s on fire, oh my god it’s getting closer.

      • Michael Andrade says:

        Dear Scum: When I tried to go out into the street, the police made me stay in the house. They did not want people hindering them while they and the firefighters were working. I returned to my backyard and started filming. My garden hose would not have reached the flames. My yard is surrounded by an 8 foot fence, so I got on the back stairs and looked for anyone in distress but saw no one (and we have subsequently learned no one was injured in the fire).

  3. Stu says:

    Fuck. This is my friends house.

  4. Carlos says:

    I wish the articles had included info on how to help out. If the reporters or anyone have specifics on how to help, please post. Thanks.

  5. Carlos says:

    Sorry…not trying to sound like an a-hole, I could’ve worded that differently.

  6. Frito Bandito says:

    I once saw a big black hooker run after a car down Capp Street with her skirt pushed up and her panties wedged in her ass.

  7. Booger Eater says:

    hopefully boombotix was alright.

  8. the damage caused by the fire can actually be worsened if the people handling the fire restoration process don’t really know what they’re doing.