Namu’s okonomiyaki seafood pancake is a living, breathing creature from the deep

Ok, so it’s not actually alive – but Namu Gaji‘s okonomiyaki pancake bears an uncanny resemblance to a living, breathing thing. The volcanic mass of kimchee, oysters, scallions and sauce is served atop a crispy pancake in a blazing hot cast iron cauldron, so it’s still cooking when it lands on your table. Pillars of steam sprout up from the sides, creating a breathing, crinkling effect as they rush through the forest of bonito flakes layered over the top. It’s not for the seafood squeamish or faint of heart, but it is damn good comfort food for a blustery San Francisco summer night.

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25 Responses to “Namu’s okonomiyaki seafood pancake is a living, breathing creature from the deep”

  1. tuffy says:

    I had that a Japanese Pizza restaurant in Düsseldorf once. They had a number of variations.

  2. chalkman says:

    yep, terrified my kids with it last weekend. Perfect hangover food

  3. scum says:

    Nanu, Nanu.

  4. small crimes says:

    like a tasty b-grade horror movie

  5. Brillo says:

    Personally, I prefer Mononoke Miyazaki.

  6. Kidlet says:

    The kimchi makes it sing.

  7. DanielGifted says:

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