Mission Cantina: Danny Bowien’s Mexican restaurant in NYC

Eater SF reports:

In an interesting move, Mission Chinese Food’s own Danny Bowien is following up his NYC Mission Chinese Food outpost with a Mexican restaurant to be called Mission Cantina. Despite the name, it won’t be a taqueria, and no Mission-style burritos are planned: the restaurant will serve dishes inspired by Bowien’s travels to Mexico City, with rotisserie-grilled items and shareable plates.

Cool name, though. Read on.

10 Responses to “Mission Cantina: Danny Bowien’s Mexican restaurant in NYC”

  1. heyballsack says:

    Alan’s already got reservations for Danny’s new restaurant that he’s opening up his ass. Mission Colon.

  2. Valenchia says:

    Can we get a Mission Cantina in the Mission?

  3. Bob Dole says:

    Oh great, instead of actual Mexican food we get his take on it. Wait, there’s something like that already. I think they call them burritos?

  4. Samo says:

    If I were the Mission, I’d sue.

  5. wheresmejumper says:

    His first challenge is finding a taqeuria in New York’s China Town; one filthy enough to host his restaurant. Food critics collective mind goes BOOOOM!!! But it will be so worth the three hour wait.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I like Bowien’s food, but you get major points for the Sultans of Ping-F.C. reference.

  6. This is something I wanna try. Looks fun!

  7. Mazy says:

    Love me some good food