The Mavericks of Diarrhea


On Monday I had the privilege of hanging out at Receiver Gallery while artist Porous Walker put the finishing touches on his exhibition Me vs. Me, opening Saturday.

The show is made up of a lot of charming drawings like the above, as well as a wealth of conceptual junk lining every wall from floor to ceiling.

There are massive monoliths made of millions of plastic Happy Meal toys, there is a Jenga gag for the ages, there is a slightly modified pool table ready for play in the center of the room, and there is a souvenir rack. All prize packs are free (even the ones that contain cold hard cash):


I expect there will be beer and maybe cookies by Anthony on hand for tomorrow night’s opening. And if you’re lucky, Porous will read your fortune. Mine on Monday? “Don’t eat Trader Joe’s food for a week! If you do you will experience THE MAVERICKS OF DIARRHEA. You know what the Mavericks is, right? The surf contest?”


Thanks, Porous.

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