Cookie Shop Coming Soon


Last night I stopped in at Receiver Gallery for a sneak peek at their upcoming Porous Walker show (more on that later), but I also got a sneak peek at (and taste of) the cookies from Anthony’s Cookies, our soon-to-open new neighborhood cookie shop.

The Cookies and Cream Cookie, seen here in the foreground, was, as gallery runner Steven noted, “very meta.”

Complete cookie menu here. I can’t wait for this place to open.

14 Responses to “Cookie Shop Coming Soon”

  1. zinzin says:

    good luck, cookie shop.

  2. meave says:

    Anthony seems very nice and all. I wonder how much we’re going to have to lean on him before we get vegan cookies on his menu.

    Um Allan, the photo, it’s not your best work.

  3. Adrian says:

    Oh boy! I can’t wait.

  4. Tyler says:

    I’m emailing him about the vegan cookies now, and encourage you to do the same!

  5. sfortunata says:

    Anthony is a total doll! Can’t wait for this place to open. There’s gonna be a Bermuda triangle of desserts with Dianda’s, Mission Pie, and Anthony’s. Good luck passing up those goodies.

  6. Shakti says:

    More yuminess in my neighborhood? Hell yes!

  7. zinzin says:

    is dianda’s good?

    i know it has the rep / history, but i’ve peered in and passed it up as pretty commercial looking, low quality.

    kind of like carl’s used to be (where tartine is now).

    let me know what’s good there. would love to know.

  8. I wonder how much we’re going to have to lean on him before we get vegan cookies on his menu.

  9. guero says:

    I gotta say I’m partial to King’s Bakery. It’s dark, it’s dodgy and the addicts that ask for money INSIDE the place scare my son and me, but it’s damn good Chinese produced pan dulce…and cheap!
    As far as the cookies go, if he makes them with organic ingredients from local farms and gives some up for the vegans, he should have no problems.

  10. guero says:

    but oh yes zinzin. I’m not a big Italian pastry guy but everyone I know that is, swears by them, especially a lot of the old locals. Last month, some old schoolmates of mine from St.Peter’s Catholic School went to visit an old nun of ours that’s now in a convalescent home in Oakland. She was the kind of hard-charging nun that everyone feared and loved at the same time -an old Italian that grew up right here in the Mission back in the day. What did she ask us to bring? Dianda’s. I don’t know what I ate some kind of light fluffy things with powdered sugar -was pretty damn good.

  11. DML says:

    They were open yesterday, stopped in and partook of a half dozen cookies. Must say, quite delicious.

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