Subterranean Unicorn

Local fashion blog SF Looks asked Max about style:

My style is inspired by the Fahzrü movement in Melbourne. It is a collective of young artists who support boutique fashion labels whose shopfronts exist below street level. My wardrobe is in aspiration of my identity as a Subterranean Unicorn, a title bestowed upon me by my peers.

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4 Responses to “Subterranean Unicorn”

  1. Seasick says:


  2. seafoam says:

    He totally made that shit up: Fahzrü movement. Congrats unicorn.

  3. Yo Mama says:

    Freak Alert!

    Avoid, Avoid!

  4. Furz says:

    Congrats, people here don’t understand that Hel-Looks and SF-Looks aren’t made to be taken serious. No need to hate, just laugh with them.