A rather conservative outfit

This is Snezana, featured last week on the local fashion blog SF Looks. Here’s what she has to say about her look:

Today my outfit is rather conservative. I usually like layering bold prints and colors (often ugly ones), but I am slowly shifting towards incorporating white, off white and black. I’m interested in 30s shapes and 80s avant garde, ethnic garments and Uzbek tribal jewelry, loose fit and excessive amounts of fabric, vintage military accessories and 50s statement hats.

I too have always been into vintage military accessories. As a little kid I toted around my grandpa’s war compass everywhere I went, until some fun-hating neighbor told my mom it was probably a little bit radioactive.


13 Responses to “A rather conservative outfit”

  1. User90837 says:

    Yea, why not.

  2. sftico says:

    Trying to decide if her mullet is ironic.

  3. ass says:

    No way, man. Her mullet is like, earnest. She wore it in ’02 when Katie got VD from Curtain Boy on the Playa and wears it every summer in remembrance. She did slam poetry about it once. I mean, for reals – get a clue.

  4. scum says:

    Is she Dogs daughter?

  5. wurple says:

    Atrocious. I used to think straight women in SF had it the worst but if this is what straight men have to work with…..well….yeah.

  6. Oyster Boy says:

    When I first moved to San Francisco (about 10-12 years ago?) I thought “people here don’t seem to wear clothes ; everyone is wearing a costume.” Finally I accepted that my clothes were my costume. But I still found it annoying when people said “you’ve got that_____ look going on.” What?!

  7. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  8. m says:

    the comment section perfectly exemplifies how different this neighborhood is nowadays

    the people more or less calling this girl weird are the people now defending the neighborhood? scary thought.

  9. m says:

    midwesterners – just give it up to the tech workers so they can then complain about the inevitable married-with-children, grown up tech worker takeover.

    soon this comment section will be techies mourning the loss of FSC barber shop and protesting the artisanal baby stroller shop that will likely take its spot.

    im also pretty stoned at the moment

    • ass says:

      So you prefer mullet woman — whose greatest achievement last week was NOT puking in front of Benders — vs. people that might want to get married, have kids, and put down roots in this community? I guarantee you, she’s also from the midwest, only she didn’t give a fuck or even go to college, and her next stop is Portland b/c apparently you can still not work nor contribute to society there while simultaneously leaching off of it.

  10. ass says:

    Actually, why don’t we all meet on the Play this August and hash it out, man? Because isn’t that where tech bro and hipster scum all want to go anyway? #notthatdifferentafterall #everyoneisanasshole