Mystery gunk

Saw this on the wall of the portable men’s room at SoMa StrEat Food Park, and I thought Ariel could maybe work a little magic on it, like that time I ate a cigar.

The TOTALLY BLINDING window display at Artists’ Television Access right now

Ouch! This is the only way I can look at it because it literally burns the naked eye. But even this photo hurts! OUCH!

Seeing sounds

Patatap took the internet by storm a few weeks back, but now it’s an iPhone app — and a movie set in the Mission:

The walk from the Mission to the Western Addition, described in emoji

Here’s a closer look:


[via Rice Paper Scissors on Twitter]

El Rio’s new facade!

Here’s the description:

You all have been chatting us up about your fear over the club changing with the influx of new crowds to our hood. We have always been a all good folks welcome kind of local with a soft spot for the underdog. the queers and oddballs of the world. New members of the tribe are welcome. We are making some changes around the club to clarify who we are and Xara has helped us with a fabulous mural out front. We hope you walk up and see yourself in those images and words. We love you all~ Thanks for making us what we are!

[via El Rio on Facebook]

Jeepers Treepers

And now for some cats

And Primo!



The cool art you sometimes find for sale at Community Thrift [NSFW]

[via DJ Primo on Instagram]

Last chance to walk amongst those huge sculptures on Crissy Field

They’re gonna disappear sometime this weekend! (I guess watching crews dismantle them might be pretty cool too.)

[via Paolo Lucchesi on Instagram]

Real or nah?

[via @cdouble2073]