What is San Francisco made of?

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Some more fine work by Primo Pitino.


Holiday Art Party at the Galallery this Friday!


Procrastinated on your holiday shopping again? Don’t worry, we did too. Lucky for you, the Secret Alley’s brand new Galallery is hosting a ~ Holiday Art Party ~ tomorrow night for all you slackers, featuring goodies by local artists and designers. Here’s a sneak peek:

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Limited-edition lapel pins, from the folks behind Gruen Day!

cheetle1 cheetle2

Treats and provisions for all you boozy rats, from hello, cheetle!


A popular sentiment on a shirt, plus other cute tees and bags from assorted local artists! Plus, so much more!

RSVP and invite your friends, and consider dropping by the BFF.fm Holiday Party right up the alley that same night.

Cool map of San Francisco

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[via Pat]

UPDATE: According to Jim, “this is a design Tucker Nichols did for Park Life.” Thanks, Jim!

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Astute commentary about national politics on a wall in the Mission

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[via Sarah]

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Check out Amos Goldbaum’s new mural at Clinton Park and Valencia

‘This is what is ruining everything’


[via Capp Street Crap]

UPDATE: Lol definitely follow up with this Tumblr post featuring a poignant (and related) set of Simpsons screencaps.

Muni firebomb tattoo by the Fog Bender

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The Fog Bender, one of the greatest San Francisco artists of all time, has started doing tattoos. Hit him up.

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Should we form a separatist society and destroy all clocks?

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Last week we asked if we should all move to Stockton. And maybe we should. Or maybe we should form a separatist society, destroy all clocks and live in a dome.

Hiroshima-based artist (and longtime pal of Mission Mission) Allie Seekely explores this option in “Clockfree Persondome,” a new story/poem. Here’s an excerpt:

day 0 of the dome
initiation ceremony
come on down everybody

hammers, we brought
saws, we brought
knives, we brought
guns, we brought

hands ripped off
faces pierced and sliced
buttons smashed
gears crushed into powder

And it just gets better and better. Read on and prepare to be dazzled. (It’s a PDF, but it’s totally necessary that it be a PDF.)

Bird lady

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[via Finch Linden]

Zeigeist in 2006 vs. Zeitgeist in 2015

Our own Ariel Dovas has made a startling discovery.

Here’s a drawing he did in 2006:


Read on for the 2015 version.