Drawing a map of San Francisco by walking

Ilyse Iris Magy wants you to take a closer look at your city. The local artist is working on a rad new project, Lines Made By Walking, which launches this Friday at StoreFrontLab (337 Shotwell Street). If you’re a map enthusiast, owner of any guidebooks on secret stairway walks, and/or just someone who wants to rekindle your love for this majestic-but-conflicted city, this experiment is for you.

Here’s what Ilyse has to say about Lines:

For five weekends, I will be leading walks from StoreFrontLab to locations around the perimeter of the city, going counterclockwise from North to Northeast. On each walk, we will collectively track points and moments of interest, marking them on the sidewalk with chalk and recording field notes. Throughout the month, we will transcribe these encounters in the same chalk by marking their precise locations on a map projected directly on the wall in the gallery. When the projector is off, this installation will be a scaled representation of the 7×7 mile drawing our marks make throughout the city.

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Friday 9/19, 6-8:30PM: Opening Reception
Saturday 9/20: Walk 1: North
Saturday 9/27: Walk 2: Northwest
Sunday 10/5: Walk 3: Southwest
Wednesday 10/8, 6:30PM: Maptime SF (Open hand-drawn mapmaking night)
Sunday 10/12: Walk 4: Southeast
Saturday 10/18: Walk 5: Northeast
Sunday 10/19, 6-8PM: Completion Closing Celebration

(All walks depart from StoreFrontLab at 12PM.)

Lines Made By Walking kicks off StoreFrontLab’s 2014/15 season, City Making, a nine-month series of installations, wanderings, happenings, and conversations that look critically and optimistically at San Francisco’s future.

Register for a spot on Eventbrite, and invite your friends!


Our pal Logan just invented something wild:

A kaleidoscope and a postcard fell in love and had beautiful babies that you can buy for $10. Send them to your friends!

Kaleidograms are brand new. They reveal a message in colors or shapes when held up to the light. Slide it between your fingers, and with a satisfying *click*, the message will change before your eyes.

Seven designs to choose from!

A drinking-related affirmation, just in time for Indian summer

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Cool fantasy map of SF in which BART crosses the Bay Bridge

Artist Jenni Sparks is from England, so maybe she just didn’t know any better — or maybe she’s a VISIONARY. Think how awesome it’d be if instead of flying down into that painfully loud Transbay Tube, BART popped out of its hole and sped along the Bay Bridge! Imagine! The views! I love it.

See the whole thing (and perhaps purchase a copy) here.

Oh and here’s how the Mission looks (also kind of fantastical):

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ARTCRANK 2014 is this Friday!

ARTCRANK is putting on yet another annual show of handmade, bike-themed posters designed by Bay Area artists, and the opening is this Friday, September 12, 5-10pm, at SOMArts (934 Brannan Street)!

The signed, limited edition prints are available that night for one night only, and proceeds will benefit the San Francisco Bike Coalition. And there will be beer of the craft variety! Go support and party with your local artists, and score a gorgeous poster (or several) for your walls!

(Full disclosure: I have a print in ARTCRANK this year. It’s a dedication to awesome women who ride bikes, it involves wolves (of course), and I would be super stoked if you came by to see it!)

RSVP and invite your friends!

[Photo via ARTCRANK on Instagram]

What should you study?

Yeah, man, feel free to browse our History category (230 posts strong over the last 7 years) for lots of Mission and SF history (most of it probably dug up by Burrito Justice.)

[Photo by Elisa, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Frying eggs on the sidewalk

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Crazy koozie color wheel

Epic! Even better than that last one!

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There’s art in your overhead power lines

It’s basically a tattoo by Yann Black.

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Kids draw the darnedest doom-filled birthday cards

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