What’s going on in the newly revitalized Grand Theater building on Mission Street?

KQED Arts takes a look:

On a recent Mission District afternoon, a middle-aged woman remarked to her walking companion as they passed the old Grand Theater that it was the place she’d first seen Lawrence of Arabia.

While the theater is currently under renovation by the nonprofit Gray Area Foundation the Arts to have a new auditorium, what’s going on inside is far from Peter O’Toole territory. Dedicated to the intersection of technology and art, Gray Area’s restoration of the Grand looks more toward the digital future than to cinema’s golden past.

Read on for more, including stuff about the Gray Area folks having to deal with people mistaking them for a tech startup even though they’re actually an arts non-profit.

Ewok thoughts while waiting at the 24th/Mission BART station

“That R2D2 dude is actually kind of a dick.”

Or maybe it’s a Mogwai (from that movie Gremlins), in which case he’s probably wondering if it’s past his snack time yet.

Oooh, or maybe it’s a Moblin, and he’s wondering why he NEVER runs out of spears to throw at that dumb little elf kid dressed in green!

Regardless, they’re probably ALL wondering why BART is so goddamn late.

It’s-It pouch for your It’s-It or whatever

Local artist Tika Hall designed the print and printed it on the fabric and fashioned these neat little pouches out of it.

There are a few for sale now on her Etsy site.

The story of J. Rusten’s iconic California tables and desks

Last week, our pal Lil Tuffy submitted a suggestion regarding J. Rusten Furniture Studio, a Mission-based business doing some really cool stuff:

You should interview/feature businesses like this that are still in the Mission. There’s still a lot of cool stuff being made here and I’d love to see pictures of his shop and work.

I thought that was a really good idea — and then Jared Rusten himself answered all our prayers with an in-depth history of his famous California tables and desks on an Instagram #tbt yesterday:

What happened to this beloved mural?

Neighbor @friscolex wants to know.


Sidewalk horror haunts Pacman’s nightmares

Geez, where’s a power pellet when you need it?

Spend Valentine’s Day with DJ Primo the artist and DJ Primo the DJ

I’ve got a Primo original hanging in my room and I couldn’t be happier about it. Get one for yourself this Saturday:

In case you’re around and want to see some paintings or a few of these weird tshirts I made, this is going on this Saturday night at 1114 Folsom, later that night we’ll be moving to Amnesia for our 2 MEN WILL MOVE YOU party

The shirts are pretty righteous too:

Check out Primo’s Instagram for more.

Sleepwalkers at Urban Putt

Urban Putt, the new-ish mini-golf place with awesomely built SF-based holes and highly-priced fancy cocktails and food, has a rad looking new art installation called Sleepwalkers, by Dan Rosenfeld.

Pretty cool! You can check it out at Urban Putt at 1096 South Van Ness at 22nd.

What will the Great Internet Shortage of 2016 teach us?

Sounds good to me.

But seriously, what will it teach us?

[via The Great Porous Walker of 2015]

My Mission Playground at Adobe this Friday

With all the tech gentrification shaping the city lately, the Mission has become something of a playground for folks with lots of money, an artist Gordon Winiemko seeks to thoughtfully explore that with a new installation at Adobe Books:

For his first solo exhibition in San Francisco, Winiemko is channeling the indignation felt by many long-time residents regarding the new wave of gentrification into a playful, confrontational, and above all thoughtful meditation on not only what’s going on in San Francisco and the Mission in particular, but also the societal values that are fueling gentrification and income inequality across the country.

And, for the centerpiece of the exhibition, Winiemko turns the Mission into his own personal basketball court, drawing on sports as a metaphor for the “beat the other guy/winner take all” mentality that is imbricated in the American mindset

Check out all the details here.