Help Wanted (a poem)

I’ve been writing this blog every day
For a little over eight years
I’ve met heaps of interesting people
And conquered a lot of fears

But I’m getting older
And the neighborhood is a-changin’
And it’s starting to feel a bit like
The masthead could use some rearrangin’

I still love the Mission
And I still love this blog
I just need a little bit o’ help
A-rustlin’ up this hog

This thing’s never made a lot of money
So you couldn’t expect to get rich
But if a creative outlet and a lot of fun is what you’re after
Please continue a-listenin’ to my pitch

If you love this place
And you reckon your blogging abilities are the bomb
Please drop me a line

[Vintage staff photo via our Facebook account]

8 Responses to “Help Wanted (a poem)”

  1. really says:

    Hella deep tbh. My people will be in touch

  2. Sashay Frere-Jones says:

    seriously dude, do you identify as a ‘writer’? I would go with ‘lazy re-poster of other people’s content’, but that doesn’t look so good on ye olde resume.

  3. JP says:

    Curator reporter sentinel stalwart composer writer

  4. Creativity is always creative, despite what people say in the comments. Keep up the good work dude, and you will always find those who like it. And those who do not like too %)