A poem about life in SF lately

Local rapper Ticklefight penned this little jam about life in the city this week:

Week of Four 2wenty RAP-up

420 once again, GG Park a big pig pen

Drought gets worse, Jerry Brown’s got the purse

The Elbo and the Lex, what’s gonna be next

Van Ness Micky D’s re-rising high, 13 floors of yuppie french fries

Blue Bottle, Tartine, the hype machine gonna bust your spleen

Earth Day is here, and now it’s gone, same old tired recycled song


3 Responses to “A poem about life in SF lately”

  1. plum says:

    Mission Blogger Slam:

    They stole my pickle
    sliced it on a tamale
    called it a blue ball

    They stole my bike
    chopped it up in a street tent
    and called it homeless y’all

    What’s up
    with these Mission blogs and all?

    Will we get any rain in the fall?
    Or just a free paper and a ghastly coder’s pall?

    Burma Shave.

  2. Ed Po' says: