Allan Offers To Eat His Facebook

I was worried that my unflattering review of Nap’s 3 might lead to a flamewar. It’s a legitimate concern. Allan helped put me at ease:

You heard it here first. If these hypothetical Nap’s 3 facebook fans exist, then we’ll make a Herzog-style documentary of Allan eating his facebook, which should be good since it’s technically impossible.

Update: After School Naps <3 doesn’t count!

3 Responses to “Allan Offers To Eat His Facebook”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    Give it up, VW. None of us will ever be able to start a flame war the way KevMo can start a flame war.

  2. ct says:

    What’s the etiquette here? I’m supposed to flame him, right? Do I need to have been to the bar?

  3. Joshua says:

    really, i didn’t even think the naps article was bad. i really do go there a lot and its crummy as hell, but they’re good crumbs.