'Whoever Stole The Goddamned Microphone, Shame On Yo' Ass'

This was the unfortunate scene at Nap’s III last Friday night. They eventually moved on, but it turned out some drunk chick ran off with the mic to the back patio and returned it just in time for her song. I guess she didn’t like duets.

When I raise enough money to start the next franchise (Nap’s IV) I’ll probably stick to non-wireless microphones.

Allan Offers To Eat His Facebook

I was worried that my unflattering review of Nap’s 3 might lead to a flamewar. It’s a legitimate concern. Allan helped put me at ease:

You heard it here first. If these hypothetical Nap’s 3 facebook fans exist, then we’ll make a Herzog-style documentary of Allan eating his facebook, which should be good since it’s technically impossible.

Update: After School Naps <3 doesn’t count!

Let's Talk Karaoke

I have mixed feelings about Nap’s 3 karaoke night, which takes place on Fridays and Saturdays.

"When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love; love to explore that world up above? Out of the sea; Wish I could be; Part of that world"

On the one hand, the bar has a refreshing clientele of alcoholic old-timers who aren’t too proud to high-five the oddly-dressed young folks who happen into the place. Rarely was there more than a 3-song wait before your time to shine. Also, the exceedingly jolly KJ has a kick-ass raspy, soulful croon.

No, really. How deep is it?

On the other hand, their book is rife with glaring song duplicates and some surprising omissions. No Huey Lewis And The News or Boyz II Men? Every Tom Jones song except for “What’s New Pussycat” and “It’s Not Unusual”? I can think of 20 Nirvana songs I’d want to sing before their only suggestion: “All Apologies”. I didn’t check if they had Sinatra’s “My Way”, but maybe that’s best left unknown. Furthermore, the bar had a baffling “no beer, just $7 cocktails” last call policy.

So what’s the best place for karaoke in the Mission? Good karaoke spots are a delicate balance of a good song book, stiff drinks, not too many intimidatingly talented regulars (e.g. the Mel-o-dee, El Cerrito), and not too popular so you can actually get some songs in.

My vote might have to go to Amnesia’s Tuesday Rock-Out! Karaoke with Glenny Kravitz. I went a couple of months ago and have never seen so much spontaneous broomstick-air-guitar in my life. Although, who knows if the lines are still short.