Economic Downturn Good For Karaoke?

Karaoke aficionado Megan checked out the scene at Amnesia last night and had this to say:

Just occurred to me: rampant unemployment = longer waiting lists at weeknite karaoke. Wack.


3 Responses to “Economic Downturn Good For Karaoke?”

  1. mariamargarita says:

    The lines for glenny night at amnesia have always been long. He has a pretty big local following. But still, something to consider..

  2. David French says:

    You could always do what I do, buy a machiene and have karaoke night at my house! It is great fun, and cheaper than the bars. Check out:

  3. megan says:

    I also added that this would in no way deter me from weeknight karaoke. :)

    Maria has a good point about Amnesia nights, which I have heretofore mostly avoided because of the notorious crowding, and I prefer the refined purity of the Mint. And admittedly, this was a mellower night than most there. It just occurred to me in the moment.

    At-home and private-room karaoke do nothing for me; everyone has their own reasons for doing karaoke I suppose, but I require a bar, and an audience of strangers.