Get This: Potrero Del Sol is a Park, Not Just a Skatepark


And it’s a nice one too! Hilly, green, wooded, with views of Sutro Tower and the freeway and skaters skating in the skatepark, a playground full of lots of interesting gadgets, and a bandstand from which Thee Oh Sees can totally rock my world.

Dolores has a cute little competitor.

(Also, I realize this is not necessarily news, but everyone I talked to was like, “Have you been here before? I haven’t, this is great!” So I’m sure it’s news to plenty.)

13 Responses to “Get This: Potrero Del Sol is a Park, Not Just a Skatepark”

  1. you should keep the mission hipsters in dolores park. it would suck for them to ruin our skate park. they litter alot and play shitty music and the hipster girlfolk are nothing to look at really.

    if we will stay out of your hipster heaven and then will you please stay the fuck out of our skate park?

    otherwise i feel i might need to start hurting hipsters in many different physical ways and finish letting the air out of their tires on their bikes and selling them for cheap to the homeless that live under the 101 highway.

    thank you.

  2. Da Truff says:

    Yeah, because the chicks hanging out in skate parks are all Brazilian super models that have crushes on broke, baggy pants wearing, pubescent, skate rats, still living with their parents in the E. bay, whose sole transportation device is a board with wheels bolted to it…

  3. matt says:

    Bitchin’ website, dude.

  4. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    The wheels are bolted to the trucks which are bolted to the board so your entire spaz is moot.

  5. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    that was directed at “DA TRUFF” btfw. -Which comes off as DA TRUFF(LE) not DA TROOF btfw.

  6. Jolala says:

    Hey Billy Apple Bottom: Why can’t we all just get along? Don’t be such a hater! The park is a public area. Learn to share.

  7. Bjorn Teuleuse says:

    hey “Bjorn Toulouse” Why are you trying to take my name? back off

  8. Bjorn Toulousse says:


  9. Jon says:

    My fave picture snapped in Potrero Del Sol…

  10. jeff says:

    hey I have a full concert, sort of, with a defunct band that has Jorge Santana (brother of Carlos) in it. They were called Many Faces at the time. It was recorded by me at that very same bandshell

    They played a few gigs up in northern California, then just dissapeared

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  13. estefania says:

    hipsters hate hipsters @applebaum

  14. KarenChavez says:

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