Anyone know what’s up with Tortas El Primo?

Tortas El Primo has been shut for a while and it looks like they’re tearing everything out inside.

No signs or anything. I searched around a little bit but haven’t found anything… anyone know? Remodel? Something entirely new? Chain pizza coming soon?

5 Responses to “Anyone know what’s up with Tortas El Primo?”

  1. Probably selling-off the fixtures and equipment.

  2. Treat Street says:

    Tortas tortas tortas was shut down for selling drugs- rumor has it that an Italian bakery will be moving in soon.

  3. ryan says:

    My housemate talked to a guy hanging out inside, he said it is going to be a bakery.

  4. nattles says:

    wait wasn’t i with you when a realtor and whomever chose to buy it was asking us a bunch of questions about the current place like 5 months ago? i told them not to put in a taqueria and have veggie options!

    now that i think about it, i think that was david not you.