Metal at Potrero del Sol this afternoon

Blood, Bath, & Beyond Day is a “metal generator show” at Potrero del Sol this afternoon from noon to 5:30. Facebook says there’s a free bag of Cheetos for the first 30 people to show up, but it’s BYO soda-pop.

Look at how beautiful it is outside! You know you could use a quick break from Dolores.

[Thanks, Lorenzo!]

6 Responses to “Metal at Potrero del Sol this afternoon”

  1. Corpus Nerd says:

    Free in-store psychedelic rock at Aquarius Records 6 pm Monday April 11th:

    Moon Duo (SF)

    • AttF says:

      Moon Duo was from SF, but moved to Colorado because they can’t afford the rent. This City is getting so expensive, our local music can’t even live here. I’m developing an exit strategy while waiting for my practice space to be turned into condos.

      • Corpus Nerd says:

        “Exit strategy,” ha ha… That’s interesting they moved to Colorado. I like their new album, or at least what I’ve heard of it on the internet. I’m going to try and get a copy of it soon. I know what you mean about insane rents in the city. If you can’t afford SF, try Oakland. If you can’t handle Oakland, have you ever thought of moving to rainy Portland, OR? It’s still a pretty good music town and it’s way cheaper than sunny California. Check out this 1 BR for $780 in Portland:

        No way you can get a place like that in SF for that rent!

        • AttF says:

          a good band for sure and I’ve bummed we won’t be seeing more of them and Wooden Shjips around these parts. Oakland has been looking mighty nice and it seems to be having more going on show wise than SF lately.

      • Corpus Nerd says:

        Actually, here’s a pretty cheap place near UCSF if you don’t mind sharing with 4 other people! Ha Ha! Might have to downsize to a tambourine and a kazoo though!

  2. bolsinga says:

    This was a fun afternoon! Thanks for posting this.